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How To Spell cuisine?

Correct spelling: cuisine

Definition of cuisine:

  1. The kitchen or cooking department.

List of misspellings for cuisine:

  • causint,
  • commisiner,
  • coacine,
  • visine,
  • cuising,
  • causinf,
  • jusing,
  • cushner,
  • focusiing,
  • caisnio,
  • muiscian,
  • causinng,
  • coisin,
  • caffieeine,
  • cusan,
  • caausing,
  • jusin,
  • cousine,
  • cuzine,
  • thisin,
  • cocine,
  • cussins,
  • cuseine,
  • cousinn,
  • cuisne,
  • couisn,
  • cusine,
  • cusines,
  • cusen,
  • cuisens,
  • couison,
  • cuiside,
  • cutscene,
  • quisine,
  • crusine,
  • zuccine,
  • corisone,
  • cusien,
  • quistin,
  • acquisiion,
  • cuisenes,
  • couisen,
  • cuaisng,
  • cuisane,
  • ctizen,
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  • causine,
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  • guising,
  • couisine,
  • cuzzin,
  • cusin,
  • cusinine.

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The Bocuse d'Or is a biennial world chef championship. Named for the chef Paul Bocuse, the event takes place during two days near the end of January in Lyon, France at the SIRHA International Hotel, Catering and Food Trade Exhibition, and is one of the world's most prestigious cooking competitions.

Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine


Video game

Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine is a video game released for Nintendo DS on November 18, 2008, and for the Wii one week later. It is based on the television series Iron Chef America and developed by Black Lantern Studios, published by Destineer.

Le Répertoire de la Cuisine



Le Répertoire de la Cuisine is a professional reference cookbook written by Louis Saulnier and published originally in 1914, and translated into multiple languages.

Marriage Cuisine


TV series

Marriage Cuisine is a Chinese, Korean, and Hong Kong TV drama that premiered in 2014. It is the first Chinese TV series to co-work with South Korean television.

World Class Cuisine


Television program

World Class Cuisine is an American television program created by Jason Vogel and Arna Vodenos and co-produced by the Discovery Channel between 1993 and 1997, featuring the talents of professional chefs from around the globe.

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This graph shows how "cuisine" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for cuisine:

  1. scene, plein, wein, spleen, greene, queen, skene, preen, kean, treen, jeanne, gene, keen, bean, jeane, sheen, screen, steen, wien, teen, lien, keene, deen, nene, gean, mclean, breen, seen, freen, keane, cian, haen, deane, mien, meine, wean, mean, glean, clean, leen, lean, dean, jean, frean, lene, green;
  2. canteen, colleen, wileen, aileen, unseen, obscene, nadine, sixteen, casein, christine, martine, lurleen, seguin, claudine, celine, sabine, charline, cathleen, thirteen, georgine, shirleen, laureen, onscreen, doreen, charlene, serene, eighteen, slovene, eugene, baleen, convene, killeen, vaccine, joaquin, irene, jeanine, clymene, maureen, marleen, amin, sharleen, janine, moline, francine, lorene, sunscreen, sistine, fourteen, noreen, machine, alene, aldin, racine, careen, sarene, ardeen, pauline, marine, ravine, justine, latrine, charleen, caffeine, preteen, fifteen, ameen, sardine, helene, salin, eileen, maxine, marleene, carleen, philene, umpteen, feldene, crimean, corinne, chretien, jolene, citrine, arleen, selene, kathleen, marcin, aleen, levine, nineteen, between, ireene, lamine, agin, coleen, moreen, benzene, laurene, myrlene, foreseen, kristine, saline, medin, unclean, demean, deneen;
  3. tangerine, figurine, valentin, smithereen, halloween, bernadine, wolverine, benyamin, unforeseen, geraldine, trampoline, hallowe'en, tambourine, madelene, gelatine, augustin, submarine, propylene, intervene, seventeen, reconvene;
  4. aquamarine, mujahideen, mujahedeen;

Translations for cuisine:

Arabic word for Cuisine


Bengali word for Cuisine


Chinese word for Cuisine


Dutch words for Cuisine

keuken, kombuis.

German words for Cuisine

Küche, Cuisine, Kochkunst, Esskultur.

Hindi word for Cuisine


Italian word for Cuisine


Japanese word for Cuisine


Javanese word for Cuisine


Marathi word for Cuisine


Polish word for Cuisine


Portuguese word for Cuisine


Romanian word for Cuisine


Russian word for Cuisine


Spanish words for Cuisine

comida, cocina.

Swedish word for Cuisine


Tamil word for Cuisine


Turkish word for Cuisine


Ukrainian word for Cuisine


Vietnamese word for Cuisine

ẩm thực.