How To Spell cut?

Correct spelling: cut

What does the abbreviation cut mean?

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What are the usage examples for cut?

  1. " I'll cut off your head if you don't," said the King. – Moonshine & Clover by Laurence Housman
  2. " I'll go if Robey'll let me cut – Left Guard Gilbert by Ralph Henry Barbour
  3. Cut it up and give to those who wish to eat of it. – Eskimo Folktales by Unknown
  4. Cut it all and give us the drink! – The House in the Mist by Anna Katharine Green
  5. The war might have cut my life in two. – Black Oxen by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  6. " He has cut us off from the world," Carlos would say. – Romance by Joseph Conrad and F.M. Hueffer
  7. They need merely be cut out. – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  8. Saved my life with that cut he did, didn't he, Pheeb? – A Simpleton by Charles Reade
  9. Of course not; but I have cut clear of Horner. – Frank Merriwell's Races by Burt L. Standish
  10. Things are pretty well cut out for us. – The Dominant Strain by Anna Chapin Ray

What are the rhymes for cut?

  1. gut, gutt, jut, butt, utt, shut, putt, glut, what, smut, nutt, mutt, tut, strut, knut, kut, haute, nut, tutt, hutt, rut, but, hut;
  2. uncut, abut, somewhat, rebut;

What are the translations for cut?

Afrikaans word for Cut


Arabic word for Cut


Dutch words for Cut

snee, verlaging, gesneden, gekapt, snit, snede, geslepen, geknipt, doorgeknipt, afgeknipt, bezuiniging.

French words for Cut

supprimer, baisser, trancher, partir, morceau, couper, tailler, coupure, découpé, incision, entaille, manquer, ignorer, coupée, coupées, découpées, taillé, taillée, slicer, castrer.

German words for Cut

Abschneiden, Schnitt, streichen, Part, Ausschnitt, Senkung, Herabsetzung, Reduzierung, reduzieren, herabsetzen, senken, anschneiden, schneiden, Baisse, Hieb, Schliff, schleifen, Abbau, Bildstock, beschneiden, zuschneiden, zugeschnitten, Einschnitt, geschnitten, Kürzung, Schnittwunde, mähen, cutten, Taille, Zuschnitt, Verschnitt, hauen, abgeschnitten, verschneiden, kappen, abscheren, Streichung, ausgeschnitten, geschliffen, beschnitten, gemäht, angeschnitten, gekappt, Filmschnitt, Platzwunde, Schmarre, Blechabfall, ausschneiden, einschneiden, durchschneiden, zerschneiden, spanen, Coupé.

Greek word for Cut


Italian word for Cut


Japanese words for Cut

カット, 削減, 切る, 切り傷, キズ, 引き下げ, カットペースト, 分け前, 切傷, たち, きりきず, 傷口, 刈り込む, 剪る, 疵, 裁ち方, 切り創, 切り目, ばめんてんかん, 切り疵, かききる, けずりだす, 疵口, りゅうぶん, わる, 切り立てる, カットアンドペースト, かっきる, 切目, きずぐち, 留分, 刈込む, かっさばく, わけまえ, きりめ, チョキチョキ.

Javanese word for Cut


Korean word for Cut

자른 부분.

Malay word for Cut


Marathi word for Cut


Norwegian word for Cut


Polish words for Cut

cięcie, krój, fason, przecięcie, nacięcie, szlif, skaleczenie.

Portuguese words for Cut

diminuir, baixar, reduzir, aparar, rasgar, ferida, interromper, descida, incisão, tacho.

Romanian word for Cut


Russian words for Cut

разрез, резка, отрезок, отрез, разрезание, отрезанный кусок, порез.

Spanish words for Cut

eliminar, abrir, cruzar, recortar, reducir, interrumpir, tirar, corte, cortar, parar, tallar, cortarse, recorte, tajada, cortado, recortado, rebanar, reducido, rebajar, tajo, incisión.

Swedish word for Cut


Tamil word for Cut


Turkish word for Cut


Ukrainian word for Cut


Vietnamese word for Cut

vết cắt.