How To Spell Cy?

Correct spelling: Cy

What does the abbreviation Cy mean?


master, lord
Cy as a boy's name is a variant of Cyril (Greek) and Cyrus (Persian), and the meaning of Cy is "master, lord".
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What are the usage examples for Cy?

  1. It was about this time that, in the course of a debate in the Senate, Marcy gave utterance to the now notorious maxim, " To the victors belong the spoils." – Thomas Hart Benton by Theodore Roosevelt
  2. Wright, Marcy, and their successors in New York politics, almost up to the present day, certainly carried cringing subserviency to the South to a pitch that was fairly sublime. – Thomas Hart Benton by Theodore Roosevelt

What are the rhymes for Cy?

  1. shai, ai, lye, bligh, mai, dye, pry, buy, sly, ay, thigh, keye, pi, sky, spy, fry, pty, nye, flye, chai, tai, pae, phi, lxi, chi, fye, nie, sci, ty, lie, frye, rye, vy, mei, lai, fly, high, hy, aye, bae, yie, dry, cai, sai, kai, by, thy, cry, sy, bly, phy, thai, psi, ply, my, die, tae, wye, kwai, shy, wai, tsai, chae, kyi, hi, try, pie, spry, wry, vie, bi, why, ngai, gae, sty, tye, fi, bye, guy, pri, pye, eye, vi, gyi, brye, fae, ly, tie, dai, sri, sigh, wy, nigh, jai;
  2. bonsai, deny, imai, awry, thereby, dubai, nearby, iwai, brunei, descry, mcfly, untie, standby, reply, hi-fi, supply, mihai, bye-bye, comply, shanghai, versailles, kanai, july, rely, decry, defy, alai, good-bye, apply, imply, belie, whereby, ally, goodbye, retry, hereby, uy;
  3. misapply, overfly, resupply, underlie, dui;
  4. oversupply, cspi, isty;
  5. dwi;

What are the translations for Cy?

Bengali word for Cy

সি ওয়াই.

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