How To Spell Dai?

Correct spelling: Dai

What does the abbreviation Dai mean?


Dai as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Dai), is of Japanese origin, and the meaning of Dai is "great".

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What are the usage examples for Dai?

  1. This rude piece of sculpture is fifty feet in height and otherwise duly proportioned, vividly recalling the mammoth bronze statue of Dai Butsu at Kamakura, in Japan, which is nearly sixty feet in height, though it is represented in a sitting position. – The Pearl of India by Maturin M. Ballou

What are the rhymes for Dai?

  1. bi, gyi, buy, wry, fae, brye, spy, phy, tye, pie, tai, eye, by, thai, bye, sly, phi, sy, shai, thigh, wai, tsai, spry, hy, kai, why, my, ai, chae, wy, sky, keye, rye, jai, pae, kwai, ay, vy, guy, ngai, cy, bly, yie, tae, tie, shy, pye, high, fly, sri, sci, fi, nigh, pri, sty, gae, nye, pi, sigh, cry, lye, lie, sai, chi, try, bligh, ply, bae, frye, psi, thy, vi, ly, kyi, vie, lai, dry, hi, wye, mei, nie, flye, fry, chai, pry, fye, pty, ty, cai, mai, dye, aye, lxi, die;
  2. bonsai, mcfly, dubai, rely, apply, iwai, belie, deny, decry, shanghai, versailles, awry, hereby, nearby, descry, mihai, thereby, imply, alai, hi-fi, good-bye, supply, brunei, goodbye, ally, imai, untie, bye-bye, standby, reply, uy, comply, defy, july, retry, kanai, whereby;
  3. misapply, dui, resupply, overfly, underlie;
  4. oversupply, cspi, isty;
  5. dwi;