How To Spell daily?

Correct spelling: daily

What is the definition of daily?

  1. measured by the day or happening every day; "a daily newspaper"; "daily chores"; "average daily wage"; "daily quota"


Daily as a boy's name is a variant of Dailey (Irish, Gaelic), and the meaning of Daily is "assembly".

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What are the rhymes for daily?

  1. haley, whaley, daly, gaily, wally, kaylie, hailey, kaley, bayly, scaly, caley, palely, hayley, daley, paley, halley, bally, dailey, baylee, bayley, railey, gayly, reilley;
  2. bailie, ailee, ailey, aly, baily, bailly, bailey, baley, aley, baillie;
  3. israeli, disraeli;
  4. ukulele;

What are the translations for daily?

Afrikaans words for Daily

daglig, aldae, aldag, daagliks, dag‐, daaglikse.

Arabic word for Daily


Bengali word for Daily


Catalan words for Daily

diari, diàriament, quotidià.

Czech word for Daily


Dutch words for Daily

daags, dagelijks, dagblad, alledaags, dagmeisje, dag‐.

Finnish word for Daily


French words for Daily

quotidien, de tous les jours, de jour en jour, journalier, diurne, quotidiennement, au quotidien, journellement.

German words for Daily

täglich, tagtäglich, jeden Tag, pro Tag, Tag für Tag, Tag um Tag, Haushaltshilfe, Tageszeitung.

Greek word for Daily


Hindi word for Daily


Italian words for Daily

giornalmente, giornaliero.

Japanese words for Daily

日々, デイリー, 日に日に, 日次, 日ごと, 日毎, 日ごとに, 日毎に, ひび, デーリー, ひにひに, にちじ, ひごとよごと, 日毎夜毎, ひごとに, ひをおって, 日極め, ひぎめ, ひまし, ひごと, 日ぎめ, 日を追って, 日増し, にちにち, 毎日の.

Javanese word for Daily

Saben dina.

Korean word for Daily


Malay word for Daily

Setiap hari.

Marathi word for Daily


Polish words for Daily

codziennie, codzień, codzienny.

Portuguese words for Daily

diário, quotidiano, correntes, quotidianas, de todos os dias, cotidianamente.

Romanian word for Daily


Russian words for Daily

ежедневный, ежедневно, суточный, дневной, каждодневный, каждый день, посуточно.

Spanish words for Daily

corriente, diario, cotidiano, a diario, diariamente, diurno.

Tagalog words for Daily

araw‐araw, pang‐araw‐araw.

Tamil word for Daily


Turkish word for Daily


Ukrainian word for Daily


Vietnamese word for Daily

hàng ngày.