How To Spell dandy?

Correct spelling: dandy

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What is the definition of dandy?

  1. Like a dandy.

 \d(a)-ndy, dan-dy\

man, warrior
Dandy as a boy's name is a variant of Andrew (Greek), and the meaning of Dandy is "man, warrior".

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What are the rhymes for dandy?

  1. zandy, randi, sandie, sandy, tandy, sandi, handy, randy, mandy, mandie, shandy;
  2. bandy, andie, candy, brandy, brandi, candie, andy, candee;
  3. operandi;

What are the translations for dandy?

Arabic word for Dandy

الطراز الأول.

Bengali word for Dandy


Chinese word for Dandy


French word for Dandy


German words for Dandy

prima, Geck, Dandy, Städter, Stutzer, feiner Stadtmensch, eitler Mann.

Greek word for Dandy


Japanese word for Dandy


Korean word for Dandy

멋쟁이 남자.

Malay word for Dandy

Sangat bagus.

Portuguese word for Dandy


Spanish word for Dandy


Tamil word for Dandy


Vietnamese word for Dandy

công tử.