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Correct spelling: Danna


Danna \d(an)-na\

Danna as a girl's name is pronounced DANN-ah. It is of Old English origin. Feminine variant of Daniel. Dannah is a Biblical place name.
Related names:
Daina, Danny, Donna, Dahna, Dagna, Dayna, Daena, Danea, Dawna, Deanna, Denna, Dhanna, Dyanna, Dianna, Danne.
Dana, Dani, Danitza, Danya, Danelle, Danette, Dania, Danice, Danise, Danita, Dannah, Dannalee, Dannee, Dannell, Dannelle, Danni, Dannia, Dannon, Dantina, Dany.

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Examples of usage for Danna:

  1. " Well, Danna, do you and Rebby want your basket filled with golden oranges from sunny Italy and dates from Egypt? "A Little Maid of Old Maine" , Alice Turner Curtis.
  2. " You had best ask Luretta Foster, Danna," she answered quickly. "A Little Maid of Old Maine" , Alice Turner Curtis.
  3. " But why did you not bring Danna home? "A Little Maid of Old Maine" , Alice Turner Curtis.

Rhymes for Danna:

  1. adriana, andriana, ariana, arianna, christiana, christianna, georgiana, gloriana, ileana, indiana, juliana, liliana, lilliana, mariana, mexicana, nelliana, oriana, pollyanna, susquehanna, tatiana, texarkana, tramontana, tropicana, viviana.
  2. alana, aldana, amana, arcana, arlana, atlanta, avana, banana, bandana, briana, brianna, cabana, campana, deana, deanna, diana, dianna, duana, dulciana, dyana, edana, fontana, gitana, haldana, havana, joanna, johanna, jordana, lantana, levana, louanna, luana, luwana, montana, morgana, nolana, oksana, philana, piano, quintana, rexana, rohana, rosanna, roxana, roxanna, santana, savanna, savannah, solana, stevana, susanna, susannah, suzanna, sylvana, triana, urbana, viana, zorana.
  3. americana, dominicana, louisiana.
  4. ana, anna, branna, cana, chana, flanna, ghana, grana, hana, hanna, hannah, jana, janna, kana, lana, lanna, manna, nana, nanna, rana, sanna, santa, shana, vana, vanna.
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