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How To Spell date?

Correct spelling: date

Definition of date:

  1. sweet edible fruit of the date palm with a single long woody seed

List of misspellings for date:

  • daton,
  • adeuate,
  • gaduate,
  • dlete,
  • diabet,
  • ditte,
  • eate,
  • dateon,
  • wate,
  • itte,
  • dauther,
  • dtaff,
  • didie,
  • dte,
  • dataed,
  • dauwter,
  • dete,
  • tate,
  • diate,
  • ddates,
  • thate,
  • duppata,
  • ddate,
  • dafe,
  • dat,
  • dteh,
  • tatse,
  • fdata,
  • dakata,
  • diett,
  • doctoe,
  • deatr,
  • todaty,
  • detore,
  • garduate,
  • dahl,
  • madate,
  • tahtw,
  • daughte,
  • ducte,
  • qoate,
  • dabate,
  • daitny,
  • doiet,
  • edite,
  • dater,
  • deade,
  • datat,
  • dubte,
  • wateid,
  • dwhat,
  • biodata,
  • dantea,
  • dawer,
  • dauater,
  • dase,
  • dats,
  • adter,
  • deathe,
  • dasert,
  • dauhter,
  • daysto,
  • uodate,
  • dane,
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  • daiz,
  • delte,
  • adaut,
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  • mdade,
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  • datea,
  • davote,
  • dayed,
  • dather,
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  • datgher,
  • datse,
  • dayte,
  • douter,
  • dafter,
  • pated,
  • dae,
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  • tatke,
  • deabate,
  • datd,
  • tahtt,
  • wtite,
  • dawr,
  • doante.

What does the abbreviation date mean?

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Come Date with Me


Reality show

Come Date with Me is a reality dating show that debuted in the UK as a spinoff of Come Dine with Me. The show is a competitive dining and dating show, featuring one single girl and four eligible bachelors battling to become her dream date.

Date Muneatsu


Baron Date Muneatsu was a Bakumatsu period Japanese samurai, and the 2nd Imperial Governor of former Sendai Domain in the Tōhoku region of northern Japan.

Date with Disaster


1958 film

Date with Disaster is a 1957 British crime film directed by Charles Saunders and starring Tom Drake, William Hartnell and Shirley Eaton. It was made at Southall Studios.

Ladies' Date


American television series

Ladies' Date was an American daytime television series that was broadcast on the DuMont Television Network. The program was an afternoon variety/audience participation show, hosted by Bruce Mayer, who had been the host of a similar series locally in Detroit.

Sing Date


TV series

Sing Date unofficially billed as dating by music is a TV series which started in summer 2012 on Sky Living in the UK where contestants get to go for a date having chosen a person to date from a list of videos of people singing.

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Translations for date:

Arabic word for Date


Bengali word for Date


Chinese words for Date

日期, 到目前, 约会, 日头, 到现在.

Dutch words for Date

dag, afspraakje, dadel, dateren, verouderen, afspraak, tijdstip, met gaan, met samenzijn.

French words for Date

sortir, rendez-vous, datte, dater, sortir avec, fréquenter, rendez-vous galant, rencard.

German words for Date

Verabredung, Termin, Tag, Daten, Zeitpunkt, Datum, Date, Dattel, datieren, ausgehen, mit gehen, miteinander gehen, Rendezvous, Jahreszahl, Datumsangabe, Dattelpalme, Zeitangabe, Stelldichein, mit einem Datum versehen.

Greek word for Date


Hindi word for Date


Italian words for Date

appuntamento, dattero.

Japanese words for Date

日付, 年月日, デート, 日にち, 日付け, ナツメヤシ, づけ, デーツ, 棗椰子, こうさいあいて, ひにち, 日日, なつめやし, 交際相手, 日附, ねんがっぴ, ひづけ.

Javanese word for Date


Korean word for Date


Malay word for Date


Marathi word for Date


Norwegian word for Date


Polish words for Date

randka, daktyl.

Portuguese words for Date

encontro, data, tâmara, namorar, prazo, período, namorar com, sair com.

Romanian word for Date


Russian words for Date

дата, свидание, датировать.

Spanish words for Date

momento, cita, fecha, dátil, fechar, datar, salir con.

Tamil word for Date


Turkish word for Date


Ukrainian word for Date


Vietnamese word for Date

ngày tháng.