How To Spell dawn?

Correct spelling: dawn

What does the abbreviation dawn mean?


the first appearance of light, daybreak
Dawn as a girl's name is pronounced dornn. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Dawn is "the first appearance of light, daybreak". Modern use of the word for a name. The Latin term Aurora dates back about 1500 years, but Dawn first appeared in the late 1920s. Opera singer Dawn Upshaw; comedian Dawn French; basketball player Dawn Staley.
  • Keiba.
  • Dowan,
  • Adawna,
  • Dawna,
  • Dawnielle,
  • Dawne,
  • Dawnelle,
  • Dawnetta,
  • Dawnette,
  • Dawnika,
  • Dawnita,
  • Dawnyelle,
  • Dawnysia,
  • Duwan,
  • Dwan.

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What are the rhymes for dawn?

  1. gone, daun, fawn, faun, yaun, prawn, vaughn, yawn, flawn, braun, drawn, lawn, laun, shawn, zon, brawn, shaun, vaughan, aune, sean, von, quan, pawn;
  2. redrawn, caron, pilon, adon, verdon, manon, cardon, predawn, peron, miron, vardon, rabon, withdrawn, bardon, garon, quinton, amon, exon;
  3. undergone, overdrawn, aleron, dorion, amadon, madelon;

What are the translations for dawn?

Afrikaans word for Dawn


Arabic word for Dawn


Bengali word for Dawn


Chinese words for Dawn

曙, 晨, 曙光, 晨曦, 天明, 旦, 傍亮, 晞, 平旦, 昉, 旭, 旴, 沬, 矇矇亮, 昕.

Dutch words for Dawn

dagen, zonsopgang, zonsopkomst, dageraad, ochtendgloren, ochtendstond, morgenstond.

French words for Dawn

aube, avènement, poindre, naître, aurore, orée.

German words for Dawn

heraufziehen, tagen, Beginn, anbrechen, Morgengrauen, dämmern, Grauen, Anbruch, erwachen, Morgendämmerung, Tagesanbruch, Morgenröte, Morgenrot.

Greek word for Dawn


Hindi word for Dawn


Japanese words for Dawn

夜明け, 夜明, 明け方, 黎明, 黎明期, 暁, あけぼの, 払暁, 明け, 早暁, 明ける, 引明け, 明方, 明けがた, けいめい, まいだん, れいめいき, 仏暁, あかつき, 曙, しらしらあけ, しののめ, 白白明け, あけそめる, あさあけ, しらじらあけ, 引き明け, そうぎょう, 白々明け, 暁天, あけ, あけがた, よあけ, あかとき, 東雲, 天明, ぎょうてん, 早天, 曉, あける, 朝明け, 空ける, 鶏鳴, しょこう, 曙光, ひきあけ, れいめい.

Javanese word for Dawn


Korean word for Dawn


Malay word for Dawn


Marathi word for Dawn


Norwegian words for Dawn

alvor, daggry.

Polish words for Dawn

świt, brzask, poranek.

Portuguese words for Dawn

nascer, início, surgimento, aurora, amanhecer, alvorada, alvorecer.

Romanian word for Dawn


Russian words for Dawn

рассвет, заря, зорька.

Spanish words for Dawn

comienzo, principio, despertar, amanecer, albores, alba, madrugada, alborada, albor, iluminarse, clarear.

Swedish word for Dawn


Tamil word for Dawn


Ukrainian word for Dawn


Vietnamese word for Dawn

bình minh.