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How To Spell DEA?

Correct spelling: DEA

List of misspellings for DEA:

  • deeer,
  • denae,
  • ideia,
  • deack,
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  • da,
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What does the abbreviation DEA mean?


Dea as a girl's name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Dea is "goddess".

Related words for DEA

Albadea dea


Albadea dea is a species of moth of the Tortricidae family. It is found in Ecuador. The wingspan is 13 millimetres. The ground colour of the forewings is glossy white with black markings. The hindwings are whitie, but creamy in the apex area.

Costabile Farace


Costabile "Gus" Farace, Jr. was a criminal with the Bonanno crime family who murdered a teenage male prostitute and a federal Drug Enforcement Administration agent in New York City.



Docosatetraenoylethanolamide is an endogenous ethanolamide that has been shown to act on the cannabinoid receptor. DEA is similar in structure to anandamide, containing docosatetraenoic acid in place of arachidonic acid.



Oldpark is one of the nine district electoral areas in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Located in the North of the city, the district elects six members to Belfast City Council and contains the wards of Ardoyne; Ballysillan; Cliftonville; Legoniel; New Lodge and Water Works.

Tommy Dea


Tommy Dea was an Australian rules footballer who played with North Melbourne in the Victorian Football League.

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Rhymes for DEA:

  1. guarantee, honoree, guarani, emcee, spree, trainee, mi, re, vi, thee, slee, crea, the, kee, fi, cd, chablis, glee, lee, sightsee, prix, cie, qi, tennessee, curie, ddt, lavie, resignee, nghi, d, bourgeoisie, sheree, wee, flea, lea, mt, parolee, pree, enrollee, he, rupee, lessee, atp, knee, deportee, te, ki, nee, see, zee, conferee, internee, franchisee, dee, pawnee, mcgee, licensee, inductee, g, she, yippee, marquee, b, ofc, t, sea, trustee, nabil, ti, gee, ravi, free, ski, klee, detainee, syp, whoopee, yi, ji, me, dundee, repartee, gyi, se, rb, bee, undersea, z, nic, gutsy, khe, sze, nominee, tv, snee, oad, bree, cree, lsd, appointee, ip, tyree, njt, ze, zea, pattee, marquis, ree, fee, quai, nestle, devotee, yee, mee, c, decree, cyb, capri, mit, valoree, xi, dupree, musee, thi, ib, ghee, c3, jaycee, flee, draftee, quay, degree, jee, brie, ranee, bt, ve, yangtze, apc, enlistee, eap, magee, goatee, p, v, pea, cxc, fop, rosalee, jessee, vee, smee, henri, guaranty, ye, pri, hee, sie, shri, cac, tenn, bea, louie, kyi, plea, mc, blea, tee, escapee, mea, nie, three, li, jie, odp, bbc, foresee, marie, cat-3, esprit, kea, ab, id, leigh, cc, ne, yie, mcghee, key, tree, shi, rea, ged, sci, xie, referee, de, banshee, spie, brea, qui, thierry, loree, si, chee, dsv, ot, m3, andree, markee, retiree, indri, ee, bibi, be, cod, debris, potpourri, sep, tse, designee, vendee, rosemarie, oversea, sri, bui, jubilee, waikiki, je, lxi, mpg, lp, we, tea, mme, fsi, chea, disagree;
  2. agree, adee, achee, albee, ac, alee, abee;
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  4. irit, interviewee, hnat, knbc, lapd, geac;
  5. awb;

Translations for DEA:

Bengali word for Dea


Chinese word for Dea


French word for Dea

brigade des stupéfiants.

Hindi word for Dea


Marathi word for Dea


Spanish word for Dea


Tamil word for Dea


Turkish word for Dea

Uyuşturucu ile Mücadele Dairesi.