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How To Spell dead?

Correct spelling: dead

Definition of dead:

  1. Bringing death; deadly.

List of misspellings for dead:

  • tead,
  • dwhat,
  • defed,
  • detear,
  • daef,
  • peyd,
  • deady,
  • delaid,
  • readt,
  • ideea,
  • daddow,
  • dedie,
  • deald,
  • dea,
  • jeard,
  • dadoo,
  • deend,
  • rdeady,
  • deatl,
  • heatd,
  • deas,
  • doddo,
  • detur,
  • dorada,
  • demad,
  • deaar,
  • delayd,
  • teachd,
  • daavid,
  • dredd,
  • aead,
  • qeida,
  • detale,
  • queada,
  • diad,
  • dddd,
  • dedk,
  • deaer,
  • dvae,
  • deal,
  • depaoo,
  • ddad,
  • dtaed,
  • daidy,
  • decadde,
  • dieat,
  • doard,
  • decaid,
  • deat,
  • demade,
  • dadda,
  • deared,
  • dedal,
  • dddddd,
  • deah,
  • decard,
  • dieid,
  • deaw,
  • deide,
  • teadh,
  • diaet,
  • deade,
  • deede,
  • yeard,
  • deamt,
  • teady,
  • deamed,
  • deap,
  • dsad,
  • delaied,
  • dietay,
  • daied,
  • detph,
  • toeard,
  • daed,
  • devid,
  • adeau,
  • dvaid,
  • dhard,
  • teird,
  • dj'ed,
  • debid,
  • doord,
  • denaied,
  • nedid,
  • deatr,
  • idead,
  • ded,
  • hadaad,
  • dicard,
  • ideat,
  • drad,
  • detaul,
  • dday,
  • deads,
  • diyd,
  • deeemd,
  • ideia,
  • datad,
  • deast.

What does the abbreviation dead mean?

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This graph shows how "dead" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for dead:

  1. led, read, thread, wed, jed, stead, head, wedd, shred, redd, swed, ned, retread, ged, tread, red, bed, pled, bred, fed, sled, unread, dred, fred, ed, med, sped, zed, widespread, bread, freda, lead, ted, fled, bled, shed, unwed, unsaid, reade, said, spread, dread;
  2. ahead, behead, imbed, misled, embed, purebred, adread, instead, abed;
  3. infrared, overfed, biomed, overhead, thoroughbred, interbred;

Translations for dead:

Afrikaans word for Dead


Arabic word for Dead


Bengali word for Dead


Dutch words for Dead

leeg, saai, dof, levenloos, overleden, verdoofd, emotieloos, omgekomen, gestorven, uitgedoofd, afgestorven, uitgestorven.

French words for Dead

triste, mort, morte, mortes, morts, disparus, inanimé, éteint, fané.

German words for Dead

absolut, genau, matt, leer, verbraucht, erledigt, kaputt, Tote, Toter, tot, gestorben, abgestorben, stromlos, entseelt.

Greek word for Dead


Hindi word for Dead


Japanese word for Dead


Korean word for Dead


Malay word for Dead


Marathi word for Dead


Norwegian word for Dead


Polish word for Dead


Portuguese words for Dead

falecido, secas, dormente, morto, inoperante, inoperantes.

Russian words for Dead

мёртвый, погибший, умерший, безжизненный, смертельно усталый, измотанный, мертвец, дохлый, увядший, потухший, неодушевлённый.

Spanish words for Dead

completo, apagado, opaco, sordo, absolutamente, totalmente, muerto, difunto.

Swedish word for Dead


Tamil word for Dead


Turkish word for Dead


Ukrainian word for Dead


Vietnamese word for Dead