How To Spell death?

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What does the abbreviation death mean?

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What are the rhymes for death?

  1. neth, leth, peth, sheth, meth, breath, beth, seth, sneath, heth, breth;
  2. macbeth;
  3. marybeth;

What are the translations for death?

Afrikaans word for Death


Arabic word for Death


Bengali word for Death


Chinese words for Death

亡, 身故, 死刑, 去世, 死因, 死命, 离世, 故去, 无禄, 圆寂.

Dutch words for Death

overlijden, sterfgeval, sterfte.

French words for Death

mort, deuil, morte, mortalité.

German words for Death

Ende, final, Tod, sterben, Todesfall, Ableben, Hingang, Lebensende, Sterbefall, Trauerfall, Exitus.

Greek word for Death


Italian word for Death


Japanese words for Death

し, 死, 死に, 死去, デス, 逝去, 永眠, 昇天, 物化, 没, 永遠の眠り, しょうじ, ぶっこ, せんど, ステルベン, お崩れ, 死歿, 絶命, 先途, 長逝, 隠れ, しぼつ, 落命, 遂, ぶしゅうぎ, 棄世, あがり, シュテルベン, えんせい, じせい, おうじょう, えいみん, しでのたび, 竟, 歿, 御隠れ, きゆう, ぶっか, かくれ.

Malay words for Death

Mati, Kematian.

Norwegian word for Death


Polish words for Death

śmierć, zgon.

Portuguese words for Death

fim, perda, falecimento, mortalidade, óbito, extermínio.

Romanian word for Death


Spanish words for Death

fallecimiento, muerte, deceso, mortalidad.

Turkish word for Death


Ukrainian word for Death


Vietnamese word for Death

cái chết.