How To Spell decay?

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What are the usage examples for decay?

  1. There was our temple in a pretty bad condition of decay – Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana by Durham, Andrew Everett

What are the rhymes for decay?

  1. daye, paye, saye, ne, raye, klay, stray, wey, waye, rae, hey, pray, fay, ley, play, wy, kaye, clay, cray, sta, se, rey, prey, hwe, khe, tray, mae, mey, weigh, wray, brey, they, gway, sway, maye, dray, de, ca, k, haye, dey, drey, graye, nay, brae, ae, pay, lait, spray, fey, ney, vey, kay, bay, grey, jae, quai, sze, blay, shea, slay, hay, frey, trey, ay, yay, jay, day, stay, jaye, faye, cay, whey, tay, may, fe, way, j, shay, tae, dae, yea, che, fray, bray, wei, flay, ray, lay, sleigh, re, nej, quay, gray, neigh, say, lei, pei, bey, gaye, mei;
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  5. waga;

What are the translations for decay?

Arabic word for Decay


Chinese words for Decay

衰变, 颓败, 陨落, 腓, 蜕变, 腐烂, 凋落.

Dutch words for Decay

rot, vergaan, verval, bederf, vervallen, afbraak, verrotting, ontbinden, achteruitgang, aftakeling, teloorgang, aftakelen, verslechteren.

French words for Decay

carie, pourriture, décomposition, se carier, se décomposer, pourrir, usure, affaiblissement, croupir, décadence, délabrement, déchéance, déliquescence, putréfaction, pourrissement, dépérissement, décrépitude, désagrégation, moisir, déchoir.

German words for Decay

Verfall, Untergang, Abfall, Zerfall, verfallen, abklingen, verkommen, Verwesung, zerfallen, verrotten, verfaulen, Abbau, verderben, Moder, vermodern, Vergehen, Verderb, Verrottung, herunterkommen, Fäulnis, Fäule, Ruin, Holzzersetzung, zugrunde gehen, faulen, schlecht werden, verwesen, Ruine, rotten.

Greek word for Decay


Italian word for Decay


Japanese words for Decay

減衰, ディケイ, 腐敗, 朽ちる, くさる, 崩解, きゅうはい, はいたい, 廃滅, デケイ, 廃退, 崩潰, げんすい, 減退, くちる, 衰勢, はいめつ, 頽勢, いび, すいたい, 朽廃, 廃頽.

Javanese word for Decay


Korean word for Decay


Malay word for Decay


Marathi word for Decay


Norwegian word for Decay


Polish words for Decay

gnicie, rozpad, zanik, próchnica, upadek, zgnilizna, stracić siły.

Portuguese words for Decay

estragar, decadência, decair, decaimento, cárie, apodrecimento, podridão, putrefação, fenecer, decompor-se, desintegrar-se, apodrecer, dissipar.

Romanian word for Decay

a se degrada.

Russian words for Decay

гниение, гнить, разлагаться, распадаться, деградация, гниль, загнивание, приходить в упадок.

Spanish words for Decay

declinar, deterioro, desgaste, deteriorar, caries, decadencia, cariar, descomponerse, podredumbre, pudrirse, deteriorarse, declive, degradar, decaimiento, decrepitud, putrefacción, picarse.

Swedish word for Decay


Tamil word for Decay


Turkish word for Decay


Ukrainian word for Decay


Vietnamese word for Decay

sâu, mục.