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Correct spelling: declensions


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Examples of usage for declensions:

  1. They comprised a little English, and a deal of Latin- names of things, declensions of articles and substantives, exercises thereon, and preliminary rules- a trifle of orthography, a glance at ancient history, a wink or two at modern ditto, a few tables, two or three weights and measures, and a little general information. – Dickens As an Educator by James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes
  2. His declensions according to Dickens, were not likely to last out his journey from England to India. – Dickens As an Educator by James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes
  3. Her faculties were above the common, and her zeal could not be surpassed; so that, while I was stumbling and blundering over " Swaine's Sentences," she had read all Sallust's " Catiline," and most of the " Odes" of Horace; and long before I had mastered my German declensions she was reading " Grimm's Stories" and Auerbach's " Village Sketches." – That Boy Of Norcott's by Charles James Lever