How To Spell decoy?

Correct spelling: decoy

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What are the usage examples for decoy?

  1. This same precious note- book was dropped as a decoy as I once knew a certain noble lord to have left his betting- book behind him. – The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II) by Charles James Lever
  2. Bruin persistently neared, rising on his haunches frequently so as the better to see E- tuk- i- shook, who had arranged himself like a seal as a decoy – My Attainment of the Pole by Frederick A. Cook

What are the rhymes for decoy?

  1. loy, coye, hoy, boy, roy, oie, doi, hoi, joye, cloy, roi, toy, floy, croy, soy, oye, stoy, joy, foy, oy, yoy, goy, neu, moy, troy, ploy, woy, oi, coy;
  2. enjoy, destroy, employ, malloy, annoy, savoy, mccoy, deploy, bolshoi, elroy;
  3. redeploy, illinois;

What are the translations for decoy?

Arabic word for Decoy


Chinese word for Decoy


Dutch words for Decoy

lokmiddel, maniak.

French words for Decoy

leurre, chanterelle.

German words for Decoy

Lockvogel, Täuschobjekt, Ablenkungsmanöver.

Greek word for Decoy


Italian word for Decoy

stratagemma per sviare l´attenzione.

Javanese word for Decoy


Korean word for Decoy


Malay word for Decoy


Portuguese word for Decoy


Russian word for Decoy


Spanish words for Decoy

reclamo, carnada, añagaza.

Tamil word for Decoy


Ukrainian word for Decoy


Vietnamese words for Decoy

yểm, nhử.