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How To Spell decree?

Correct spelling: decree

List of misspellings for decree:

  • dircle,
  • degreees,
  • degeee,
  • derge,
  • dicrease,
  • daycre,
  • degreet,
  • dagree,
  • decreaed,
  • dsegree,
  • deccribe,
  • decorem,
  • dergee,
  • 100degrees,
  • dercribe,
  • 4degrees,
  • diaherrea,
  • diareea,
  • disaree,
  • deegre,
  • degres,
  • sdegree,
  • daegree,
  • degreeed,
  • debree,
  • desagree,
  • deocr,
  • decaye,
  • decrase,
  • decourem,
  • deggre,
  • decleare,
  • degere,
  • drerey,
  • decrese,
  • detere,
  • dercrease,
  • digree,
  • decreet,
  • delcare,
  • decore,
  • descrie,
  • doree,
  • decreas,
  • delere,
  • decreese,
  • deegree,
  • dvere,
  • degrey,
  • decresse,
  • doagree,
  • degeree,
  • degrece,
  • decret,
  • decorun,
  • decae,
  • decrate,
  • derrek,
  • pedgree,
  • decare,
  • discree,
  • dregee,
  • diareeah,
  • degreee,
  • decreae,
  • tghere,
  • decribe,
  • dgree,
  • tigereye,
  • djree,
  • togethewr,
  • dicreat,
  • degee,
  • adegree,
  • decarte,
  • dicribe,
  • dierrea,
  • decace,
  • degreeor,
  • egree,
  • petegree,
  • decreace,
  • dabree,
  • pedegree,
  • dicorce,
  • decpr,
  • takecare,
  • decorete,
  • drgree,
  • tjere,
  • mecurey,
  • decreaes,
  • desre,
  • togethere,
  • decrobe,
  • debre,
  • dregree,
  • defrey,
  • diagree,
  • decren.

Related words for decree

Decretum Gelasianum



The Decretum Gelasianum or the Gelasian Decree is so named because it was traditionally thought to be a Decretal of the prolific Pope Gelasius I, bishop of Rome 492–496.

Fate's Decree


1814 film

Fate's Decree is a 1914 American silent short drama film starring William Garwood, Richard Cummings, Fred Hamer, Justin MacDonald, and Billie West.

Perfectae Caritatis



Perfectæ Caritatis, the Decree on the Adaptation and Renewal of Religious Life, is the document issued by the Second Vatican Council which deals specifically with institutes of consecrated life in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Heavenly Decree



The Heavenly Decree Asmani Faislah, is an Urdu book written in 1891 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who claimed to be the promised Messiah and Mahdi, Qadian India. The Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at.

The Love Decree


Pop band

The Love Decree were a Scottish pop soul band composed of Robin Gow, Grant Macintosh, Gordon Gow, Paul Kane, Allan Harvey and session player Kenny Hutchison.

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Rhymes for decree:

  1. gutsy, kee, snee, mpg, lee, sep, debris, conferee, gee, curie, mi, draftee, yie, ree, enrollee, atp, brea, fop, indri, ji, id, lxi, li, he, oad, de, jie, tea, lavie, jaycee, key, plea, rb, mcghee, designee, yangtze, blea, ghee, andree, lp, tennessee, cd, dsv, ski, goatee, esprit, eap, shi, z, yi, tenn, referee, je, potpourri, ye, bourgeoisie, cc, zee, franchisee, marquee, p, bee, jee, rea, we, ve, marie, kea, escapee, henri, nghi, rosemarie, ee, cree, vee, bibi, nee, flea, internee, rupee, quay, valoree, rosalee, mc, glee, she, degree, ddt, detainee, inductee, c, vendee, emcee, marquis, yippee, retiree, nabil, brie, free, nic, chea, d, louie, ot, ged, magee, waikiki, nie, si, ranee, disagree, banshee, shri, ze, ti, qui, te, cie, mea, mme, ofc, undersea, thi, t, gyi, guaranty, tv, oversea, flee, bui, trustee, spie, licensee, sze, chablis, see, ib, bree, ab, lsd, tee, whoopee, njt, pree, dee, leigh, re, prix, crea, vi, se, khe, ki, tse, bt, apc, cyb, capri, sri, tree, pea, be, m3, sci, g, guarani, dupree, guarantee, pattee, cod, klee, qi, slee, markee, jessee, appointee, parolee, deportee, xie, thierry, mee, mcgee, ravi, devotee, pawnee, mt, fee, resignee, bbc, trainee, jubilee, musee, bea, cxc, yee, odp, sea, three, pri, foresee, tyree, lea, ip, kyi, fsi, syp, cat-3, dea, zea, cac, v, honoree, knee, lessee, smee, wee, thee, chee, c3, fi, loree, the, nestle, enlistee, ne, quai, dundee, b, xi, nominee, repartee, sheree, sie, me, spree, sightsee, mit, hee;
  2. ac, agree, achee, albee, abee, alee, adee;
  3. absentee, addressee, amc, adoptee, adoree, amputee, abt;
  4. irit, geac, hnat, lapd, knbc, interviewee;
  5. awb;

Translations for decree:

Afrikaans word for Decree


Arabic word for Decree


Bengali word for Decree


French words for Decree

peine, jugement, ordonner, ordonnance, décret, décréter, édit.

German words for Decree

verordnen, erlassen, Bestimmung, Verordnung, Anordnung, anordnen, Weisung, Urteil, Erlass, Dekret, Entscheid, Gerichtsbeschluss, Gerichtsentscheid, Machtwort, dekretieren.

Greek word for Decree


Hindi word for Decree


Japanese word for Decree


Javanese word for Decree


Korean word for Decree


Malay word for Decree


Marathi word for Decree


Russian words for Decree

указ, декрет, эдикт.

Spanish words for Decree

fallo, ordenar, sentencia, decretar, decreto, edicto.

Tamil word for Decree


Turkish word for Decree


Ukrainian word for Decree


Vietnamese word for Decree

Nghị định.