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How To Spell dedication?

Correct spelling: dedication

What are the misspellings for dedication ?

  • medeication,
  • desicsion,
  • certication,
  • detacation,
  • eudcation,
  • dehdyrationor,
  • euducation,
  • dirtiction,
  • destiction,
  • dedicationg,
  • deducition,
  • educashon,
  • edcation,
  • detecttion,
  • descution,
  • edycation,
  • addtiction,
  • meditcation,
  • modiwcation,
  • educashion,
  • medicatioon,
  • dadication,
  • additiction,
  • eduaction,
  • medicatiobn,
  • deteiriation,
  • dedicatin,
  • mdeication,
  • deadicason,
  • notication,
  • dedicaation,
  • detation,
  • duduction,
  • medicaation,
  • dehydtation,
  • medacation,
  • theirmedication,
  • edcaution,
  • deication,
  • decication,
  • additction,
  • meddication,
  • negotication,
  • deddication,
  • dieacation,
  • deducation,
  • dedicaion,
  • medecation,
  • didecation,
  • dication,
  • deydration,
  • eaducation,
  • deligation,
  • mediciation,
  • dedicaiton,
  • deterioartion,
  • mediacation,
  • dupication,
  • deptiction,
  • discation,
  • deterioation,
  • autodetection,
  • vidication,
  • desiction,
  • depction,
  • pedication,
  • dedacation,
  • adudication,
  • identiication,
  • deducution,
  • sydication,
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  • defication,
  • derction,
  • medcation,
  • deduplcation,
  • deriction,
  • meduication,
  • destication,
  • dedecation,
  • delagation,
  • educuation,
  • ediucation,
  • decution,
  • deadcation,
  • decuction,
  • eduducation,
  • deffication,
  • medicationa,
  • teducation,
  • medocation,
  • ediction,
  • dediction,
  • decdsioin,
  • dectection,
  • edducation,
  • ndication,
  • mediocation,
  • idication,
  • dedution.

What is the definition of dedication?

  1. a message that makes a pledge

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This graph shows how "dedication" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for dedication?

  1. To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty, to interpret it is his problem, and to express it his dedication.
  2. I firmly believe in marriage. It's a real important decision that takes a lot of dedication and time. If you're thinking about divorce. You shouldn't get married.
  3. Film editing is now something almost everyone can do at a simple level and enjoy it, but to take it to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any art form does.
  4. Unfortunately, the true force which propels our endless political disputes, our constant struggles for political advantage, is often not our burning concern for democracy, it is often of our dedication to the principle of the rule of law.
  5. The necessity to constantly turn in an excellent performance, to be absolutely wedded to this dedication and this ideal means that as a child you're going to pay for it personally.

What are the rhymes for dedication?

  1. disorganization, complication, origination, equitation, capitulation, colonization, transillumination, depopulation, discrimination, aggravation, renegotiation, granulation, demobilization, stimulation, desalination, affiliation, democratization, prognostication, criminalization, deviation, privatization, illustration, jubilation, figuration, disputation, fermentation, incoordination, gyration, inauguration, usurpation, vocation, intonation, unionization, procrastination, situation, incapacitation, instrumentation, perturbation, reclamation, detoxification, argumentation, vaccination, decapitation, foundation, germination, incubation, inspiration, classification, conversation, publication, popularization, stipulation, prefabrication, defamation, invitation, croatian, securitization, proclamation, deformation, expatriation, consecration, formulation, filtration, cooperation, incrustation, segmentation, reservation, immigration, rotation, annexation, vacation, mitigation, elaboration, exclamation, demodulation, gratification, refrigeration, revocation, evaluation, indoctrination, confrontation, fluctuation, categorization, immunization, inflammation, automation, constellation, revitalization, accumulation, escalation, telecommunication, advocation, disinflation, constipation, appellation, pacification, resuscitation, nitration, dehumanization, explanation, electrification, consternation, emanation, gravitation, punctuation, annihilation, adoration, characterization, mutation, alienation, explication, reinterpretation, migration, elation, renomination, avocation, ordination, demoralization, litigation, isolation, cogitation, dictation, stagnation, desalinization, degeneration, rationalization, demonization, preoccupation, conservation, improvisation, appropriation, renunciation, stagflation, disqualification, aspiration, communization, miniaturization, certification, cohabitation, detonation, rectification, calculation, nonproliferation, allocation, victimization, desegregation, probation, perforation, indexation, reverberation, horatian, convocation, diversification, admiration, balkanization, exhalation, dissipation, regimentation, cultivation, articulation, decoration, instigation, simulation, relation, devastation, recrimination, allegation, denomination, equalization, deflation, quotation, mobilization, integration, disorientation, hallucination, embarkation, rumination, emigration, education, pagination, exhumation, moderation, incarnation, reexamination, hydrogenation, ionization, fluoridation, affirmation, application, reflation, disintegration, oxidation, generalization, regeneration, laceration, coagulation, permutation, amalgamation, expropriation, visitation, perspiration, lactation, eradication, revaluation, recommendation, celebration, gasification, commercialization, taxation, speculation, privation, excommunication, mechanization, liberalization, repudiation, approximation, miseration, procreation, population, fabrication, corp, depredation, destabilization, gradation, libration, undervaluation, vindication, relocation, narration, intimation, politicization, overpopulation, indemnification, extrapolation, graduation, sensation, obfuscation, imputation, transformation, vegetation, coronation, excavation, starvation, expiration, profanation, infestation, affectation, intimidation, conglomeration, nullification, strangulation, obligation, commendation, lubrication, federation, unification, impersonation, desecration, translation, hybridization, inflation, misinterpretation, misappropriation, mummification, civilization, hesitation, valuation, deification, magnification, inhabitation, exploration, suburbanization, legalization, sanitation, insinuation, adaptation, computerization, visualization, identification, localization, dilatation, indication, altercation, consultation, replication, fibrillation, sequestration, deportation, precipitation, commemoration, ostentation, hibernation, reforestation, optimization, specialization, collaboration, pressurization, recertification, notification, urbanization, operation, summation, corporation, condensation, exasperation, codification, assassination, proration, ornamentation, disembarkation, modulation, expectation, justification, harmonization, incarceration, personalization, substantiation, formation, dispensation, christianization, presentation, hospitalization, relaxation, retardation, reformation, congregation, ligation, installation, miscreation, stabilization, miscommunication, foliation, exacerbation, pollination, transportation, devaluation, renovation, reiteration, utilization, animation, subsidization, adjudication, industrialization, menstruation, confabulation, rehabilitation, extermination, dislocation, subordination, malformation, gestation, incantation, gentrification, irradiation, nondiscrimination, stalinization, liberation, desperation, recreation, palpitation, simplification, concentration, registration, compilation, misinformation, indentation, delegation, reputation, notation, nomination, disinformation, compensation, amputation, fragmentation, tabulation, remediation, proliferation, consideration, depravation, mutilation, invocation, recuperation, protestation, gastrulation, exhortation, incorporation, monopolization, reinvigoration, destination, appreciation, organisation, standardization, association, specification, crustacean, reparation, premeditation, demonstration, deforestation, decentralization, arbitration, consolation, preservation, damnation, habitation, medication, termination, repatriation, transplantation, vilification, negotiation, self-congratulation, demarcation, backwardation, observation, radiation, evocation, refutation, naturalization, subluxation, maturation, enumeration, propagation, inoculation, glorification, reclassification, manifestation, authentication, generation, illumination, dalmatian, dramatization, plantation, depreciation, documentation, estimation, duration, affrication, trepidation, distillation, ovation, inclination, desiccation, ejaculation, salvation, pigmentation, evaporation, maximization, oration, suffocation, ratification, continuation, indignation, reaffirmation, combination, russification, inhalation, augmentation, echolocation, pronunciation, amortization, elevation, dissertation, reconfirmation, pontification, modernization, marginalization, alleviation, reorganization, decertification, emancipation, qualification, vaporization, personification, edification, assimilation, vulgarization, molestation, toleration, syndication, westernization, exaggeration, innovation, equivocation, deprivation, purification, conjugation, tribulation, irrigation, collectivization, reevaluation, flotation, fascination, occupation, polarization, confiscation, respiration, decontamination, dilation, disinclination, ramification, multiplication, recalculation, bifurcation, privatisation, configuration, ossification, vibration, coloration, meditation, revelation, contamination, appalachian, magnetization, interpretation, sedation, prostration, nationalization, negation, ventilation, hyperinflation, optation, limitation, triangulation, remuneration, interrogation, reincarnation, misrepresentation, regulation, saturation, titillation, fortification, contemplation, exhilaration, temptation, preparation, liquidation, amplification, designation, mediation, orientation, recitation, restoration, nucleation, dissemination, fixation, insubordination, masturbation, consolidation, invalidation, initiation, inundation, perpetuation, correlation, sarmatian, rehydration, provocation, denationalization, resignation, location, insemination, insulation, differentiation, deceleration, motivation, violation, sanctification, exoneration, miscalculation, connotation, fumigation, variation, computation, emulation, misapplication, intensification, representation, denunciation, discontinuation, sophistication, solicitation, conciliation, redecoration, cancellation, validation, domestication, rejuvenation, predestination, corroboration, centralization, ministration, anticipation, dissociation, experimentation, implication, inactivation, annotation, incrimination, deliberation, sterilization, aviation, authorization, donation, infatuation, determination, glaciation, reconfiguration, frustration, orchestration, approbation, vacillation, desolation, excitation, conflagration, segregation, separation, reallocation, information, amelioration, deregulation, imagination, sedimentation, reaffiliation, reunification, degradation, elongation, declaration, saponification, elimination, agglomeration, reconciliation, importation, delineation, investigation, communication, recantation, duplication, calibration, condemnation, falsification, normalization, consummation, facilitation, participation, reconsideration, implementation, realization, confirmation, coordination, creation, agitation, humiliation, quantification, domination, flirtation, confederation, verification, alteration, exploitation, derivation, modification, impregnation, discoloration, globalization, navigation, congratulation, hydration, levitation, machination, pasteurization, manipulation, oscillation, mineralization, culmination, intoxication, cremation, ovulation, legislation, exfoliation, socialization, dehydration, adulation, fertilization, imitation, clarification, implantation, infiltration, divination, rededication, concatenation, examination, retaliation, evacuation, organization, overvaluation, irritation, reauthorization, neutralization, misidentification;
  2. nation, ration, station, haitian;
  3. castration, cessation, alsatian, cetacean, citation, carnation, causation;
  4. acclimation, accusation, abdication, abrogation, activation, aberration;
  5. abbreviation, accommodation, acceleration, accreditation, abomination;
  6. alphabetization, capitalization, cannibalization, acidification;
  7. decriminalization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

What are the translations for dedication?

Afrikaans word for Dedication


Arabic word for Dedication


Bengali word for Dedication


French words for Dedication

implication, attachement, dédication.

German words for Dedication

Engagement, Einsatz, Hingabe, Leistungsbereitschaft, Widmung, Einweihung, Passion, Begeisterung, Weihe, Zuschreibung, Zueignung.

Italian word for Dedication


Japanese words for Dedication

献呈, デディケーション, 献辞.

Javanese word for Dedication


Norwegian word for Dedication


Polish words for Dedication

zaangażowanie, poświęcenie, przeznaczenie, ukierunkowanie, oddanie, dedykacja, przywiązanie.

Spanish words for Dedication

entrega, compromiso, esmero, dedicatoria, consagración, homenaje.

Swedish word for Dedication


Turkish word for Dedication


Ukrainian word for Dedication


Vietnamese word for Dedication

sự tận tâm.