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How To Spell Dees?

Correct spelling: Dees

What are the common mistypes for Dees ?

  • cdees,
  • deezs,
  • de3es,
  • dsees,
  • Dee3,
  • dee s,
  • dfees,
  • ddees,
  • deea,
  • dxees,
  • rdees,
  • d3ees,
  • dwees,
  • xees,
  • d4ees,
  • eees,
  • dee3s,
  • sdees,
  • deesa,
  • deesz,
  • d ees,
  • deesw,
  • deews,
  • de4es,
  • de es,
  • edees,
  • dee4s,
  • fdees,
  • xdees,
  • dcees.

What is the definition of Dees?

  1. A dais.

What does the abbreviation Dees mean?


Dees as a girl's name.
  • Dessa,
  • Deyse,
  • Deysi,
  • Tess.

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What are the usage examples for Dees?

  1. " But wae's me"- and Jamie broke down utterly behind a fir tree, so tender a thing is a cynic's heart-" that fouk 'ill tak a man's best wark a' his days withoot a word an' no dae him honour till he dees – Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush by Ian Maclaren
  2. Dees scow, she Pierre Lapierre scow. – The Gun-Brand by James B. Hendryx
  3. " T'night we camp on dees side. – The Gun-Brand by James B. Hendryx

What are the rhymes for Dees?

  1. crees, tease, keas, she's, geez, sies, cees, mees, beas, saez, friese, cheese, liese, peas, trees, vees, flees, freeze, bes, rees, meis, ease, mease, fees, gies, bees, please, wheeze, frees, jeez, hees, leas, sleaze, reas, skis, kees, sprees, neese, teas, frieze, lees, fleas, preis, these, threes, deas, neas, nees, tees, sees, pease, glees, seas, neis, breeze, feese, sneeze, knees, deis, breese, squeeze, keys, reis, z's, pleas, keyes, seize;
  2. trainees, draftees, cadiz, unease, burmese, scorsese, trustees, foresees, aziz, chinese, belize, decrees, trapeze, appease, lessees, ortiz, andries, agrees, cds, disease, reprise, jaycees, displease, louise, pawnees, chemise, rupees, maltese, degrees;
  3. balinese, annamese, inductees, overseas, journalese, retirees, siamese, referees, guaranties, returnees, detainees, enlistees, appointees, conferees, sudanese, amputees, nepalese, ccs, japanese, franchisees, devotees, timorese, enrollees, disagrees, honorees, internees, escapees, javanese, licensees, cantonese, guarantees, absentees, sinhalese, designees, taiwanese, expertise, nominees;
  4. abts, stds, indochinese, interviewees;