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How To Spell defensive?

Correct spelling: defensive

Definition of defensive:

  1. serving as or appropriate for defending or protecting; "defensive fortifications"; "defensive dikes to protect against floods"

List of misspellings for defensive:

  • defenisvely,
  • defnsive,
  • definive,
  • daubingf,
  • defensse,
  • deffensivly,
  • defenceively,
  • defenciv,
  • effencive,
  • affencive,
  • defensivsive,
  • defintive,
  • defenssive,
  • defensly,
  • deffencive,
  • defensmen,
  • dependsif,
  • defininf,
  • defensice,
  • diffencive,
  • defensise,
  • definative,
  • affensive,
  • definitave,
  • defensivelly,
  • daping off,
  • ofensive,
  • adhensive,
  • defeinsively,
  • deafeningv,
  • deffinative,
  • defensve,
  • denfensive,
  • deafeningf,
  • defensiv,
  • defensing,
  • da vincvi,
  • defenisive,
  • offenseive,
  • defensemen,
  • defensiove,
  • daeping off,
  • defenceive,
  • defenise,
  • defenative,
  • defienitve,
  • definsive,
  • defensefor,
  • defesive,
  • defensivily,
  • daiping off,
  • diffinative,
  • ofenseive,
  • devfensive,
  • offesnsive,
  • defenseivly,
  • deffensive,
  • defencively,
  • defenisve,
  • ofencive,
  • defencive,
  • defensevely,
  • dfensive,
  • defisive,
  • da-ping off,
  • da vincfi,
  • deffinsive,
  • defensivemen,
  • defenitive,
  • evenhave,
  • defenseve,
  • defensivly,
  • deversify,
  • defecive,
  • defincive,
  • daoping off,
  • defnitive,
  • defensivley,
  • defensman,
  • Davms Cup,
  • deffensively,
  • difonzio,
  • difinative,
  • 85dffddce8f0,
  • dapming off,
  • defensifly,
  • defensvie,
  • daubingv,
  • daubingb,
  • desensitive,
  • defencivly,
  • defenseive,
  • devensive,
  • difense,
  • effensive,
  • defensvly,
  • devencive,
  • defenive,
  • defensevily,
  • defnesive.

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Defensive, defensiv, abwehrend.

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