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How To Spell Defied?

Correct spelling: Defied

List of misspellings for Defied:

  • dedide,
  • deside,
  • defete,
  • deided,
  • defeand,
  • deceid,
  • devowed,
  • devider,
  • defiets,
  • derivedd,
  • deficeit,
  • devided,
  • daviid,
  • deifes,
  • dedie,
  • ideified,
  • difend,
  • deferd,
  • diefist,
  • defiend,
  • defea,
  • modefied,
  • tetified,
  • definete,
  • devid,
  • divied,
  • defiined,
  • definetiy,
  • defreat,
  • deffeat,
  • defiene,
  • dafted,
  • deerved,
  • defit,
  • defeit,
  • defiset,
  • defind,
  • dified,
  • deivided,
  • decieved,
  • varfied,
  • devide,
  • dervied,
  • notfied,
  • deffeted,
  • defeind,
  • daied,
  • defieted,
  • devorcied,
  • defided,
  • verfiied,
  • desider,
  • deined,
  • tesified,
  • dfddf,
  • defed,
  • defient,
  • denaied,
  • defited,
  • newfoud,
  • defnied,
  • veified,
  • deffend,
  • terrofied,
  • defeined,
  • debid,
  • defaet,
  • midified,
  • beived,
  • deerhide,
  • delived,
  • defiecet,
  • devired,
  • definde,
  • deilved,
  • derved,
  • deerfiled,
  • defered,
  • devito,
  • modiefed,
  • defand,
  • devode,
  • defict,
  • vaifed,
  • dsvid,
  • delaied,
  • devoiced,
  • defnite,
  • deide,
  • defaeted,
  • defyed,
  • verfieid,
  • terifed,
  • deifned,
  • deliveed,
  • decied,
  • deveped,
  • decifit,
  • deffered,
  • defet.

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Quotes for Defied:

  1. And basically, the sense of the 'Pledge to America' is this: Republicans understand when we were in charge, we got fired in '06. We spent too much money. We defied the trust that the people had put in us. And we know that there is a better way.
  2. Just two weeks ago, millions of Iraqis defied the threats of terrorists and went to the polls to determine their own future. I congratulate the Iraqi people for the courage they've shown in making these elections so successful.
  3. I am pleased to be considered a 'denier' in this cause if this puts me in the class with those who defied prevailing 'scientific consensus' that the earth was flat and that the earth was the not the center of the universe.
  4. First, we could have defied both of them and could have gone to war against both of these nations for this violation of international law and interference with our neutral rights.
  5. He was so tenacious he defied the distraction of women by refusing to have them in his presence, just as later in life he denied his blindness by calling for more and more candles.

Translations for Defied:

Afrikaans word for Defied


Bengali word for Defied

হার মানিয়েছে.

French word for Defied


German word for Defied


Greek word for Defied


Hindi word for Defied


Italian word for Defied


Javanese word for Defied


Korean word for Defied


Malay word for Defied


Norwegian word for Defied


Polish word for Defied


Portuguese word for Defied


Romanian word for Defied


Russian word for Defied

бросил вызов.

Spanish word for Defied


Swedish word for Defied


Tamil word for Defied


Turkish word for Defied


Ukrainian word for Defied

кинув виклик.

Vietnamese word for Defied

bất chấp.