Definitions of Cancelli

  1. An interwoven or latticed wall or inclosure; latticework, rails, or crossbars, as around the bar of a court of justice, between the chancel and the nave of a church, or in a window. Webster Dictionary DB
  2. The interlacing osseous plates constituting the elastic porous tissue of certain parts of the bones, esp. in their articular extremities. Webster Dictionary DB

Usage examples for Cancelli

  1. The ordinary screen or cancelli from which is derived our word " chancel" for the space thus enclosed, was a low wall. – The Ground Plan of the English Parish Church by A. Hamilton Thompson
  2. A very large number of the old screens remain, ornamented with the arms of Elizabeth or James I. Proceeding eastward we enter the chancel, so called because it is inclosed with cancelli or the lattice- work of the screen. – English Villages by P. H. Ditchfield