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Definitions of changeless

  1. persistent in occurrence and unvarying in nature; "maintained a constant temperature"; "a constant beat"; "principles of unvarying validity"; "a steady breeze" Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  2. That can not be changed; constant; as, a changeless purpose. Webster Dictionary DB
  3. Free from change; immutable. The Concise Standard Dictionary of the English Language. By James Champlin Fernald. Published 1919.
  4. Not subject to change. Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language. By Nuttall, P.Austin. Published 1914.
  5. A child left in place of another; a fool; a waverer; any one apt to change. Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

Usage examples for changeless

  1. But summer or winter, wet or dry season, on one side rose always the sharply defined hills with their changeless background of evergreens; on the other side stretched always the illimitable ocean as sharply defined against the horizon, and as unchanging in its hue. – Drift from Two Shores by Bret Harte
  2. The stars overhead looked down with many blinkings upon the enormous pile of the Grand Babylon, and the moon regarded it with bland and changeless face; what they thought of it and its inhabitants cannot, unfortunately, be recorded. – The Grand Babylon Hotel by Arnold Bennett