Definitions of concreteness

  1. the quality of being concrete (not abstract) Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  2. The quality of being concrete. Newage Dictionary DB

Usage examples for concreteness

  1. The subject is far too large for adequate treatment within the present limits; but even so we cannot but be struck by the appropriateness in many cases of the teaching thus given to the young, the concreteness of the illustrations, the effectiveness of the symbols used, the dramatic character of the rites, the strong enforcement of lessons on the nature and duties of the life into which the candidates were about to enter. – Pagan & Christian Creeds Their Origin and Meaning by Edward Carpenter
  2. Though the general idea of organic evolution is simple, it has been slowly evolved both as regards concreteness and clarity; it has gradually gained content as research furnished fuller illustration, and clearness as criticism forced it to keep in touch with facts. – Herbert Spencer by J. Arthur Thomson