Definitions of Continuation Passing Style

  1. (CPS) A semantically clean language with continuations used asan intermediate language for Scheme and the SML/NJcompiler.["Rabbit: A Compiler for Scheme", G.L. Steele, AI-TR-474, MIT(May 1978)].["Compiling With Continuations", A. Appel, Cambridge U Press1992]. foldoc_fs
  2. (CPS) A style of programming in which every userfunction f takes an extra argument c known as a continuation.Whenever f would normally return a result r to its caller, itinstead returns the result of applying the continuation to r.The continuation thus represents the whole of the rest of thecomputation. Some examples: normal (direct style) -->continuation passing square x = x * xsquare x k = k (x*x) g (square 23)square 23 g (square 3) + 1square 3 ( \ s . s+1 ) foldoc_fs