Definitions of disk

  1. a thin flat circular plate Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  2. (computer science) a memory device consisting of a flat disk covered with a magnetic coating on which information is stored Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  3. A flat, circular plate; as, a disk of metal or paper. Webster Dictionary DB
  4. The circular figure of a celestial body, as seen projected of the heavens. Webster Dictionary DB
  5. A circular structure either in plants or animals; as, a blood disk; germinal disk, etc. Webster Dictionary DB
  6. The whole surface of a leaf. Webster Dictionary DB
  7. The central part of a radiate compound flower, as in sunflower. Webster Dictionary DB
  8. A part of the receptacle enlarged or expanded under, or around, or even on top of, the pistil. Webster Dictionary DB
  9. The anterior surface or oral area of coelenterate animals, as of sea anemones. Webster Dictionary DB
  10. The lower side of the body of some invertebrates, especially when used for locomotion, when it is often called a creeping disk. Webster Dictionary DB
  11. In owls, the space around the eyes. Webster Dictionary DB
  12. A flat circular plate, or anything resembling it. Also, disc. The Winston Simplified Dictionary. By William Dodge Lewis, Edgar Arthur Singer. Published 1919.
  13. Same as DISC. The american dictionary of the english language. By Daniel Lyons. Published 1899.
  14. A round plate; face of a celestial body. The Clarendon dictionary. By William Hand Browne, Samuel Stehman Haldeman. Published 1894.
  15. Any plane or surface that is flat and round. The Concise Standard Dictionary of the English Language. By James Champlin Fernald. Published 1919.
  16. The face of a heavenly body as it appears to us-as the sun, moon, &c.; a piece of stone or metal inclining to an oval figure; in bot., a fleshy expansion between the stamens and pistil which occurs in some flowers; that part of the limb of a leaf which is included within the margin. Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Usage examples for disk

  1. 1684, a friction disk the female half of which is fast upon the spindle that drives bevel gear a in Fig. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  2. He turned his disk upon her for a moment. – Love and Lucy by Maurice Henry Hewlett