Definitions of housewarming

  1. a party of people assembled to celebrate moving into a new home Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  2. A feast or merry-making made by or for a family or business firm on taking possession of a new house or premises. Webster Dictionary DB

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Usage examples for housewarming

  1. Beginning with the James Blaisdells' housewarming it was one continuous round of dances, dinners, sleigh- rides and skating parties for Hillerton's young people particularly for the Blaisdells, the Pennocks, and the Gaylords. – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter
  2. Christmas, however, found them all at home for the holidays, and for the big housewarming that their parents were planning to give on Christmas night. – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter