Definitions of incapacitated

  1. incapacitated by injury or illness Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  2. lacking in or deprived of strength or power; "lying ill and helpless"; "helpless with laughter" Scrapingweb Dictionary DB

Usage examples for incapacitated

  1. He was given a clerical position in one of the departments at Washington after that, remaining there until, in 1873, an attack of paralysis incapacitated him even for clerical labor. – American Men of Mind by Burton E. Stevenson
  2. There is, however, a sad significance in his words when he says: " In every circle I have met men who had themselves suffered from nervous collapse due to stress of business, or named friends who had either killed themselves by overwork, or had been permanently incapacitated or had wasted long periods in endeavors to recover health." – Woodcraft by George W. Sears