Definitions of Indigest

  1. Crude; unformed; unorganized; undigested. Webster Dictionary DB
  2. Something indigested. Webster Dictionary DB
  3. in-di-jest', adj. not digested, shapeless.--n. a crude mass, disordered state of affairs.--adj. INDIGEST'ED, not digested: unarranged: not methodised.--ns. INDIGESTIBIL'ITY, INDIGEST'ION, want of digestion: painful digestion.--adj. INDIGEST'IBLE, not digestible: not easily digested: not to be received or patiently endured.--adv. INDIGEST'IBLY.--adj. INDIGEST'IVE, dyspeptic. [L. indigestus, unarranged--in, not, diger[)e]re, to arrange, digest.] gutenberg.org/ebooks/37683
  4. Not separated into distinct orders; not formed, or shaped; not concocted in the stomach; not brought to suppuration. Complete Dictionary