Definitions of laager

  1. A camp, especially one surrounded by a circular formation of travelers' wagons for temporary defense. dictgcide_fs
  2. lä'g[.e]r, n. in South African campaigning, a camp made by a ring of ox-wagons set close together, the spaces beneath being filled up with the baggage of the company.--v.t. to arrange in such a defensive enclosure. [Dut., a variant of leger, a camp.] gutenberg.org/ebooks/37683
  3. A camp, esp. one with an inclosure of travelers' wagons for temporary defense. Webster Dictionary DB
  4. To form into, or camp in, a laager, or protected camp. Webster Dictionary DB
  5. Camp, encampment, esp. in circle of wagons. (Vb) form (wagons) into l.; encamp (persons) in l.; encamp. [German] Concise Oxford Dictionary