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Definitions of stepfather

  1. The husband of one's mother by a subsequent marriage. Newage Dictionary DB

Usage examples for stepfather

  1. She felt how much her stepfather saved her, as he said with his habitual amusement, the trouble of that. – What Maisie Knew by Henry James
  2. Now whereas he had a house and property in Corinth, Cleomenes meddled not with it, nor suffered anybody else to do so, but calling for his friends and agents, he bade them hold themselves responsible to Aratus for everything, as to him they would have to render their account; and privately he sent to him Tripylus, and afterwards Megistonus, his own stepfather to offer him, besides several other things, a yearly pension of twelve talents, which was twice as much as Ptolemy allowed him, for he gave him six; and all that he demanded was to be declared commander of the Achaeans, and together with them to have the keeping of the citadel of Corinth. – Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans by Clough, Arthur Hugh