How To Spell defray?

Correct spelling: defray

What is the definition of defray?

  1. To pay or settle, as expenses or charges.

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This graph shows how "defray" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for defray?

  1. Low -income seniors who choose to enroll in a drug discount plan will receive $600 of Federal assistance in 2004 and 2005 to further defray the costs of their medications.

What are the rhymes for defray?

  1. wray, prey, hwe, che, stray, they, quay, way, yea, mey, nej, fray, stay, sleigh, nay, tay, wei, brae, wey, ney, dey, re, ley, trey, sway, rey, blay, cay, fey, vey, tray, saye, drey, mei, maye, ae, fay, jaye, ray, lay, j, bay, faye, mae, gray, lei, raye, tae, shay, hay, haye, ne, k, rae, khe, yay, bray, ay, lait, day, quai, kaye, cray, wy, spray, dae, hey, paye, graye, pay, bey, fe, de, neigh, pei, dray, daye, weigh, may, kay, brey, klay, ca, pray, whey, jae, say, frey, sze, gaye, slay, grey, jay, sta, waye, gway, clay, flay, se, shea, play;
  2. valet, belay, mckay, dossier, hooray, portray, array, puree, ek, passe, sorbet, nikkei, cliche, jose, convey, mcveigh, olay, fillet, away, delay, monet, gervais, ballet, mackay, parquet, souffle, ha, calais, bouquet, ga, prepay, beret, display, da, replay, hervey, filet, manet, mccrea, renee, repay, okay, asay, dismay, halfway, carre, rene, millay, delray, astray, betray, toupee, essay, ole, macrae, oj, today, sergei, chalet, b-j, cathay, cache, soiree, survey, purvey, moray, orsay, cafe, obey, allay, decay, crochet, beauvais, abbe, buffet, hurray, croquet, risque, nisei, o'shea, saute, bombay, levey, dk;
  3. aaa, chevrolet, monterrey, intraday, cabaret, underplay, uva, cea, piaget, bouvier, lyonnais, attache, overstay, cabernet, bta, ita, monterey, disobey, perrier, ira, bua, dak, underway, disarray, ekk, faberge, fiance, overplay, jna;
  4. foia, noaa, hiaa, ceta, asea, naivete, communique, cabriolet;
  5. waga;

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पैसे फेडणे.

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trả phí tổn thế cho ai.