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How To Spell defunct?

Correct spelling: defunct

Definition of defunct:

  1. A dead person; one deceased.

List of misspellings for defunct:

  • definit,
  • diffacoty,
  • defiect,
  • defencas,
  • difficukty,
  • deficienct,
  • suffienct,
  • difict,
  • deffenit,
  • difernet,
  • definent,
  • diffuct,
  • defanet,
  • differnetiate,
  • defict,
  • defct,
  • effienct,
  • defenant,
  • diffirincate,
  • defunt,
  • didngt,
  • dysfunct,
  • edvancd,
  • defornity,
  • diffenrt,
  • definlty,
  • defenet,
  • disounct,
  • defacto,
  • disfunctual,
  • defernt,
  • definng,
  • diffulcut,
  • differnlty,
  • deffint,
  • deficte,
  • difffenct,
  • dsfunct,
  • defnec,
  • differnrt,
  • defeict,
  • defenite,
  • differnit,
  • defract,
  • deffect,
  • diffenct,
  • deffinlty,
  • deffenalty,
  • defenty,
  • dwfunct,
  • defint,
  • defund,
  • diifulcut,
  • deffenlty,
  • difernnt,
  • defent,
  • definig,
  • fanct,
  • ddfunct,
  • defuct,
  • defanalty,
  • deffenet,
  • deficti,
  • delenquit,
  • difenet,
  • diffincult,
  • defenety,
  • diffucut,
  • d3funct,
  • deffinut,
  • defenc,
  • differnc,
  • difenrt,
  • differnciate,
  • eefunct,
  • xefunct,
  • defienlty,
  • refunct,
  • defucnt,
  • fefunct,
  • d4funct,
  • defenity,
  • cefunct,
  • defenlty,
  • dedunct,
  • ditinct,
  • diffulct,
  • decunct,
  • defunc,
  • defanite,
  • drfunct,
  • dignigty,
  • defunked,
  • definat,
  • defenit,
  • difernat,
  • sefunct,
  • differntiate,
  • defunk,
  • defenilty.

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Rhymes for defunct:

  1. flunked, junked, plunked, dunked;
  2. debunked;

Translations for defunct:

Afrikaans word for Defunct


Arabic word for Defunct

غير نشط.

Chinese word for Defunct


German words for Defunct

untergegangen, verstorben, erlöschen, kaputt, tot, abgestorben, nicht mehr bestehend.

Japanese word for Defunct


Javanese word for Defunct


Korean word for Defunct


Malay word for Defunct

Tidak berfungsi lagi.

Norwegian word for Defunct


Polish word for Defunct


Portuguese words for Defunct

defunto, extinto.

Russian word for Defunct


Spanish word for Defunct


Swedish word for Defunct


Tamil word for Defunct


Turkish word for Defunct


Ukrainian word for Defunct