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How To Spell degree?

Correct spelling: degree

Definition of degree:

  1. a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality; "a moderate degree of intelligence"; "a high level of care is required"; "it is all a matter of degree"

List of misspellings for degree:

  • petigree,
  • disgrae,
  • digree,
  • degrate,
  • dagrk,
  • argree,
  • ahgree,
  • degeee,
  • disaree,
  • tagrte,
  • deccribe,
  • petegree,
  • degeree,
  • decorem,
  • deggres,
  • degreess,
  • egree,
  • degreese,
  • decrese,
  • debre,
  • dgree,
  • diareea,
  • deegre,
  • pedegree,
  • derrek,
  • degress,
  • degreet,
  • tgere,
  • dvere,
  • desre,
  • adegree,
  • tigre,
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  • degreeor,
  • dagree,
  • sdegree.

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Government Degree College, Amarpur, established in 1988, is a general degree college in Amarpur, Tripura. It offers undergraduate courses in arts and sciences. It is affiliated to Tripura University. The college is recognized by the University Grants Commission.

Government General Degree College, Pedong


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Government General Degree College, Pedong, established in 2015, is the government degree college in Pedong, Darjeeling district. Pedong is 15 Km away from Kalimpong town. It offers undergraduate courses in science and arts. It is affiliated to University of North Bengal.

Kasturba Gandhi Degree & PG College for Women


Educational institution in Secunderabad, India

Kasturba Gandhi College for Women is an institute in west Marredpally of Secunderabad established in 1973. It is named for Kasturba Gandhi It was established in 1973 by the Osmania Graduates' Association under the patronage of the Exhibition Society, it is still managed by the respective organisations.

The 360 Degree Music Experience



The 360 Degree Music Experience was an American band that performed both traditional and experimental jazz. Active during the 1970s and '80s, the group was initially co-led by drummer Beaver Harris and the pianist Dave Burrell.

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Quotes for degree:

  1. Men have had every advantage of us in telling their own story. Education has been theirs in so much higher a degree; the pen has been in their hands. I will not allow books to prove anything.
  2. Great comforts do, indeed, bear witness to the truth of thy grace, but not to the degree of it; the weak child is oftener in the lap than the strong one.
  3. I didn't get the degree because in my last year, for my thesis film I made a feature called Permanent Vacation and they'd given me a scholarship, the Louis B Mayer fellowship and they made a mistake.
  4. You have to love what you do, and you have to need it like you need air. And there's nothing else that would give me the same degree of satisfaction as acting, which is why I can't walk away from it.
  5. Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.

Rhymes for degree:

  1. repartee, plea, markee, sightsee, yi, bee, potpourri, shri, tee, jubilee, rb, tea, fop, shi, deportee, indri, bourgeoisie, gutsy, fsi, ree, leigh, bbc, nghi, foresee, ji, designee, me, quai, si, oversea, d, andree, b, inductee, slee, mc, gee, dupree, li, whoopee, bt, thierry, spree, je, ti, flee, ravi, marie, atp, chea, tennessee, mee, vendee, conferee, tree, ip, nic, quay, cod, trainee, odp, ged, musee, v, smee, undersea, gyi, pea, nee, mea, lp, sze, free, esprit, ddt, louie, thi, ye, ne, dea, sri, g, yippee, spie, cc, enrollee, glee, eap, jee, see, mme, ranee, zea, ab, yangtze, pri, cac, licensee, pawnee, draftee, cie, oad, se, devotee, ib, re, emcee, id, marquis, vi, bea, tyree, lsd, resignee, khe, ofc, disagree, chee, thee, sie, yee, debris, sheree, zee, dundee, bibi, nestle, tse, jessee, apc, kyi, jie, ot, rosemarie, we, bui, pattee, te, lxi, wee, tenn, mpg, dee, klee, nabil, honoree, mi, appointee, detainee, m3, brie, brea, blea, enlistee, sea, rea, p, loree, escapee, mt, retiree, guarantee, henri, valoree, bree, internee, ze, rupee, goatee, c, flea, ski, sep, dsv, three, z, trustee, jaycee, referee, fee, tv, be, cat-3, fi, knee, guaranty, crea, qui, mit, the, nie, qi, curie, banshee, cyb, lessee, decree, capri, guarani, prix, lavie, waikiki, syp, ve, mcghee, lee, xi, nominee, she, parolee, cree, kee, kea, magee, rosalee, xie, t, hee, key, ghee, yie, njt, chablis, snee, de, pree, ki, cxc, vee, c3, he, ee, franchisee, mcgee, sci, lea, cd, marquee;
  2. albee, adee, agree, abee, ac, alee, achee;
  3. adoptee, abt, addressee, adoree, absentee, amputee, amc;
  4. hnat, irit, knbc, lapd, interviewee, geac;
  5. awb;

Translations for degree:

Arabic word for Degree


Bengali word for Degree


Dutch words for Degree

graad, bul, gradatie.

French words for Degree

licence, ampleur, mesure, titre, diplôme.

German words for Degree

Abschluss, Umfang, Rang, Niveau, Stufe, Grad, Diplom, Hochschulabschluss, Universitätsabschluss, Studienabschluss, akademischer Grad, Bogengrad, grau, Grade.

Greek word for Degree


Italian words for Degree

misura, laurea, livello, titolo accademico.

Japanese words for Degree

程度, ディグリー, 度合い, 次数, デグリー, 度合, どあい, じすう, ていど.

Javanese word for Degree


Malay word for Degree


Polish words for Degree

poziom, dyplom, stopień naukowy.

Portuguese words for Degree

nível, diploma, canudo.

Russian words for Degree

градус, научная степень.

Spanish words for Degree

carrera, punto, intensidad, mate, grado, título, licenciatura, medida, licencia.

Tamil word for Degree


Turkish word for Degree


Ukrainian word for Degree


Vietnamese word for Degree

mức độ.