How To Spell Delaine?

Correct spelling: Delaine

What is the definition of Delaine?

  1. A muslin of mixed fabrie, originally of wool.


from the alder grove
Delaine as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Delaine), is a variant of Delaney (Old French), and the meaning of Delaine is "from the alder grove".
  • Delainey,
  • Delainy,
  • Delane,
  • Delainey,
  • Delainy,
  • Delane,
  • Deline,
  • Delayne,
  • Delline.

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What are the usage examples for Delaine?

  1. She stood in skirt and delaine blouse at the ivy- green, glass- panelled door, and waved her hand as I turned the corner. – The Debit Account by Oliver Onions
  2. She was always glad to wear that white delaine with the scarlet spots. – Dotty Dimple At Home by Sophie May
  3. She thought she might as well have worn her calico wrapper as this beautiful white delaine for all the notice they took of her dress. – Dotty Dimple At Home by Sophie May

What are the rhymes for Delaine?

  1. regain, gain, frane, stain, maintain, complain, disdain, swayne, hain, hussein, attain, cheyne, pain, sain, romain, ukraine, ordain, twain, kain, moraine, refrain, ln, mane, germane, explain, jain, frayne, rogaine, devane, arcane, detain, crain, kane, champaign, heyne, shayne, swaine, crayne, sylvain, main, pane, caine, slain, demain, strain, fane, spokane, brain, bain, plain, contain, romaine, mundane, wayne, germaine, blaine, deign, biscayne, payne, kahane, wain, freyne, sustain, mccain, elane, pertain, retrain, dayne, drain, thaine, mcclain, champlain, jayne, grain, vain, iain, swain, shaine, jane, duan, inane, aine, draine, elaine, dane, hane, vein, dain, plane, arraign, reign, kaine, elayne, maine, insane, blayne, shane, loraine, fein, cocaine, lorraine, dwayne, zane, duquesne, constrain, preordain, laraine, ingrain, blane, retain, restrain, rain, crane, charmain, craine, thayne, sprain, germain, dewayne, raine, terrain, urbain, maclean, cane, hussain, profane, obtain, lain, slane, duwayne, fain, thane, blain, feign, bahrain, layne, urbane, fraine, laine, chain, champagne, domain, frayn, vane, mclean, bane, duane, rayne, humane, reine, remain, lane, bayne, mayne, fontaine, tremaine, butane, ayn, kayne, rein, charlayne, lorain, jermaine, train, trane, charmaine, sane, wane, cain, spain, paine, campaign;
  2. amain, alane, alayne, allain, again, abstain, alain, alaine;
  3. aquitaine, entertain, inhumane, ascertain;
  4. legerdemain;

What are the translations for Delaine?

Afrikaans word for Delaine

stof vir jurk.

Bengali word for Delaine


Chinese word for Delaine


Marathi word for Delaine


Spanish word for Delaine


Vietnamese word for Delaine

vải len mỏng.