How To Spell delivery?

Correct spelling: delivery

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What is the definition of delivery?

  1. the event of giving birth; "she had a difficult delivery"

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What are the rhymes for delivery?

  1. livery;

What are the translations for delivery?

Afrikaans words for Delivery

bevalling, lewering.

Arabic word for Delivery


Bengali word for Delivery


Chinese word for Delivery


Dutch words for Delivery

aflevering, zending, levering, afgifte, verstrekking, bezorging, aanlevering, toediening.

French words for Delivery

prestation, livraison, accouchement.

German words for Delivery

Bereitstellung, Einlieferung, Abgabe, Befreiung, Lieferung, Entbindung, Belieferung, Anlieferung, Einspeisung, Distribution, Bestellung, Übergabe, Zustellung, Geburt, Vortragsweise, Auslieferung, Ablieferung, Aushändigung, Anfuhr, Niederkunft, Bogenausleger, Transmission.

Greek word for Delivery


Hindi word for Delivery


Italian words for Delivery

distribuzione, consegna, spedizione, esecuzione, recapito.

Japanese words for Delivery

配達, 配信, 配送, デリバリー, 受渡し, 引渡し, 出産, 搬送, 伝達, 伝送, 受け渡し, 引き渡し, 手交, 渡し, お産, はいたつ, しゅっさん, うけわたし, 娩出, 供出, でんそう, きょうしゅつ, ぶんべん, おさん, こうふ, そうたつ, ぶんしん, ぶんべんさよう, しむけ, 交附, 分身, べんしゅつ, はいしん, はいそう, でんたつ, 分娩作用, ひきわたし, はんそう, 御産, 仕向け.

Javanese word for Delivery


Malay word for Delivery


Marathi word for Delivery


Polish words for Delivery

dostawa, wydanie, dostarczenie, dostarczanie, sposób wygłaszania, poród, doręczenie.

Romanian word for Delivery


Spanish words for Delivery

suministro, entrega, envío, parto, reparto, salida, partida, alumbramiento, forma de hablar.

Swedish word for Delivery


Tamil word for Delivery


Turkish word for Delivery


Ukrainian word for Delivery


Vietnamese word for Delivery

sự chuyển phát.