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How To Spell demand?

Correct spelling: demand

Definition of demand:

  1. the act of demanding; "the kidnapper's exorbitant demands for money"

List of misspellings for demand:

  • demantia,
  • lemonad,
  • doment,
  • denaied,
  • dmeanor,
  • derermined,
  • demading,
  • adimant,
  • diamand,
  • domnt,
  • diamont,
  • dementa,
  • defeand,
  • demmanded,
  • demsnd,
  • dedend,
  • demade,
  • demena,
  • muhmmand,
  • demoner,
  • demad,
  • demenar,
  • womand,
  • daysand,
  • desend,
  • demmand,
  • timeand,
  • diamant,
  • ditermend,
  • demonds,
  • doamond,
  • deend,
  • dimound,
  • deamed,
  • doorsand,
  • deoend,
  • diomond,
  • madand,
  • demande,
  • demandeds,
  • dimned,
  • dreamand,
  • demans,
  • demaneded,
  • demine,
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  • demanged,
  • themand,
  • deamand,
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  • germand,
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  • himand,
  • damnit,
  • temponade,
  • damnned,
  • deturmend,
  • judement,
  • dezmond.

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Translations for demand:

Chinese words for Demand

要求(), 请求, 索取, 苛求.

Dutch word for Demand


French words for Demand

revendiquer, exigence, demander, exiger, requérir.

German words for Demand

Frage, verlangen, anfordern, Anspruch, Forderung, fordern, Anforderung, Aufforderung, Nachfrage, Abruf, abrufen, begehren, abfordern, beanspruchen, einfordern, Bedarf, Vorgabe, nachfragen, abverlangen, Erfordernis, Einforderung, Zahlungsaufforderung, wollen, gebieten, auf Anspruch erheben, heischen, auf bestehen.

Greek word for Demand


Hindi word for Demand


Italian words for Demand

domanda, rivendicazione, esigenza, richiesta.

Japanese words for Demand

需要, 求め, 求める, デマンド, ディマンド, 希求, 督促, 売行, 売れ行き, 売行き, さいそく, うれゆき, いりよう, 入り用, 売れ足, 要りよう, 入りよう, ねだる, 強請る, もとめる, うれあし, 入用, 要り用, とくそく.

Javanese word for Demand


Korean word for Demand


Malay word for Demand


Marathi word for Demand


Norwegian words for Demand

krav, etterspørsel.

Polish words for Demand

popyt, zapotrzebowanie, roszczenie, wymaganie.

Portuguese words for Demand

exigência, requerer, procura, necessidade.

Romanian word for Demand


Russian words for Demand

спрос, требование.

Spanish words for Demand

solicitar, pedir, reivindicar, reclamar, pedido, demanda, exigir, demandar.

Turkish word for Demand


Ukrainian word for Demand