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Correct spelling: democratic

Common misspellings for democratic:

demcratic, demicratic, democratis, democratice, democrative, democrate.


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This graph shows how "democratic" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for democratic:

  1. Still his insistence upon liberty, however old- fashioned his ideas of the means by which it should be maintained, puts him in the line of the democratic march of the century. –  by
  2. Marshall, who had been elected recently over a democratic opponent, shows how much, even in the highest party times, the influence of individual character is felt by the people. –  by
  3. The meeting dispersed, and my democratic friends have ever since been cautious how they undertook to read clever fellows out of the party. –  by

Quotes for democratic:

  1. I absolutely intend to return every penny given to me by my Democratic colleagues and Democratic leaders.
  2. The Obama administration and the Democratic Congress have taken the biggest lurch to the left in policy in American history. There've been no- no Congress, no administration that has run this far to the left in such a small period of time. And there is a reaction to that.
  3. There is no force so democratic as the force of an ideal.
  4. People don't realize that they're being played by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, but more so by the Democratic Party because the Democratic Party does not want another party in there.
  5. A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic, and social rights that the biggest and most powerful possess.