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Spell Check of Dennis

Correct spelling: Dennis

Common misspellings for Dennis:

  • dennise (26%)
  • denniss (19%)
  • deanuncios (19%)
  • dinnis (11%)
  • dennis' (7%)
  • dennnis (7%)
  • denns (7%)
  • dennies (4%)
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Meaning: follower of Dionysius

Origin: Greek

Dennis as a boy's name is pronounced DEN-iss. It is of Greek and English origin, and the meaning of Dennis is "follower of Dionysius". Also variant of Dionysius. Mythology: Dionysius is the Greek god of wine, responsible for the growth of the vines in spring and the originator of winemaking; he is equivalent to the Roman god Bacchus. Biblical: a judge of Athens who was converted to Christianity by the apostle Paul. Basketball player Dennis Rodman; actors Dennis Quaid, Dennis Christopher, Dennis Hopper, Dennis Franz, Denis Leary, Dennis Haysbert; sailor Dennis Conner.

Related names: Tyson, Artemas, Denmark.

Sounds Like: Tannis, Teunis, Deonys.

Variants: Diot, Den, Denies, Denis, Dennes, Dennet, Denney, Dennie, Dennison, Denny, Dennys, Denys, Deon, Dion, Dionisio, Dionysius, Dionysus.

Examples of usage for Dennis:

1) " My name is Dennis," gloomily returned the man. - "The Desert of Wheat", Zane Grey.

2) Next came Jimmy Morris, and last of all Dennis Carlyle. - "Andy Grant's Pluck", Horatio Alger.

3) And I'll call in on neighbor Martha Dennis, and she'll make you some nice broth to take the place of the stew the dogs got." - "Grenfell: Knight-Errant of the North", Fullerton Waldo.

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