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How To Spell deny?

Correct spelling: deny

List of misspellings for deny:

  • denan,
  • deceny,
  • dener,
  • diney,
  • don'y,
  • menoy,
  • deanry,
  • theny,
  • doesn'e,
  • dento,
  • desey,
  • desney,
  • zeny,
  • seny,
  • donly,
  • detiny,
  • mwny,
  • dony,
  • dena,
  • diseny,
  • doena,
  • denia,
  • deing,
  • sideny,
  • denie,
  • mney,
  • weny,
  • doezn,
  • deand,
  • deniy,
  • dueing,
  • dney,
  • donew,
  • dancy,
  • denum,
  • deaty,
  • daien,
  • deend,
  • daitny,
  • deoing,
  • tehyw,
  • ordany,
  • donky,
  • jerny,
  • deanary,
  • nenny,
  • dday,
  • downmy,
  • dysney,
  • ordenay,
  • udneuy,
  • dieing,
  • donei,
  • denem,
  • denin,
  • deiny,
  • deniay,
  • deneys,
  • denium,
  • dany,
  • dey,
  • tendy,
  • kideny,
  • kedney,
  • mdern,
  • denai,
  • denta,
  • keny,
  • doent,
  • tonhy,
  • disny,
  • teny,
  • daphney,
  • menny,
  • sudenn,
  • dthen,
  • dwhen,
  • tehy,
  • doenut,
  • tney,
  • dennt,
  • donho,
  • meny,
  • denal,
  • deby,
  • deeing,
  • sudeny,
  • deni,
  • doewn,
  • denae,
  • deney,
  • dizy,
  • sydeny,
  • eny,
  • danday,
  • denys,
  • desiny,
  • jeeny,
  • peny,
  • wedny.

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Deny e Dino


Rock band

Deny e Dino is a Brazilian rock band formed in the city of Santos in 1956. They achieved mainstream success with their Jovem Guarda hit "Coruja". They co-wrote songs for other Jovem Guarda artists, like Demétrius and Erasmo Carlos. Their album O Ciúme sold 200,000 copies and stayed at first place on the charts for 22 weeks. They still had some success after the end of Jovem Guarda.

Deny the Cross



Deny the Cross is an American powerviolence band. Founded in 2013, the group features drummer Dave Witte, vocalist Carlos Ramirez, guitarist Dan Lactose, and bassist Ramon Salcido.

Jacques Deny


French mathematician

Jacques Deny was a French mathematician. He made notable contributions to the field of analysis, in particular potential theory.

Mister Deny



Daniel Fernandes is a musician from Angola Native of Maianga Luanda, Angola, she is the first of 3 children, being considered as an artist recognized in the neighborhood where she lived and not only.

Souls to Deny


Album by Suffocation

Souls to Deny is the fourth album by the death metal band Suffocation marking the end of a six-year hiatus. This is the first album featuring former guitarist Guy Marchais and marks the return of original drummer, Mike Smith.

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Rhymes for deny:

  1. shy, phi, tye, sy, sai, fry, kyi, aye, chi, ay, psi, thigh, vy, tie, sky, jai, gae, wy, fae, ply, ty, cy, fye, thai, gyi, pri, nye, wye, sty, dai, bae, nigh, sci, pty, by, my, tae, fly, shai, spry, vi, kwai, pye, vie, frye, kai, rye, hy, spy, lxi, ai, eye, ngai, mei, guy, pae, bye, sri, high, hi, buy, dye, bligh, cry, pie, fi, dry, sly, lai, lye, tai, flye, why, sigh, chai, wai, bly, yie, bi, ly, tsai, brye, nie, thy, die, wry, phy, keye, cai, chae, try, pry, pi, lie, mai;
  2. decry, awry, hi-fi, rely, bye-bye, descry, july, reply, uy, shanghai, untie, bonsai, defy, mihai, apply, belie, versailles, imai, goodbye, standby, ally, brunei, dubai, hereby, mcfly, retry, comply, thereby, good-bye, iwai, supply, nearby, whereby, imply, alai, kanai;
  3. overfly, underlie, dui, resupply, misapply;
  4. oversupply, cspi, isty;
  5. dwi;

Translations for deny:

Afrikaans word for Deny


Arabic word for Deny


Chinese words for Deny

否, 抵赖, 打赖, 辟谣.

Dutch words for Deny

verbieden, weigeren, ontkennen, ontzeggen, afwijzen, verloochenen, loochenen, weerspreken.

French words for Deny

contester, cacher, nier, refuser, infirmer, réfuter, rejeter, démentir, renier, dénier, disconvenir de, répudier.

German words for Deny

ablehnen, Versagen, bestreiten, abweisen, widerrufen, verweigern, leugnen, absprechen, abstreiten, dementieren, untersagen, verwehren, verleugnen, verneinen, negieren, aberkennen, ableugnen, in Abrede stellen, wegleugnen.

Greek word for Deny


Italian word for Deny


Javanese word for Deny


Korean word for Deny


Malay word for Deny


Norwegian word for Deny


Polish words for Deny

zaprzeczać, zaprzeczyć, odmawiać, zabronić, przeczyć.

Portuguese words for Deny

recusar, rejeitar, desconhecer.

Romanian word for Deny

a nega.

Spanish words for Deny

rechazar, negar, contestar, denegar, rehusar, renegar de, desmentir, objetar, renegar.

Swedish word for Deny


Tamil word for Deny


Turkish word for Deny