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How To Spell department?

Correct spelling: department

List of misspellings for department:

  • departmwent,
  • departemental,
  • depoartment,
  • departemnt,
  • departrments,
  • departmemt,
  • depatment,
  • deprartment,
  • depaertment,
  • appratment,
  • deparment,
  • apportment,
  • depratment,
  • disapoitment,
  • departmeny,
  • depaertmenht,
  • depolyment,
  • apartmenent,
  • deopartements,
  • deoartment,
  • deptmant,
  • aparetment,
  • departmtent,
  • departmenr,
  • appartament,
  • doctument,
  • aparhtment,
  • depertment,
  • aprtment,
  • departmens,
  • derpartment,
  • dapartment,
  • aportment,
  • dtatement,
  • apprtment,
  • apptment,
  • deptartments,
  • departmentn,
  • depatement,
  • depictment,
  • departmenet,
  • departmcnet,
  • departemt,
  • departmrnt,
  • deaprtment,
  • deptments,
  • apartmernt,
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  • departament,
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  • deparatment,
  • arpartment.

Related words for department



Chuquisaca is a department of Bolivia located in the center south. It borders on the departments of Cochabamba, Tarija, Potosí, and Santa Cruz. The departmental capital is Sucre, which is also the constitutional capital of Bolivia.

Djurgårdens IF Fotboll


Soccer club

Djurgårdens IF Fotbollsförening, commonly known as Djurgårdens IF, Djurgården Fotboll, Djurgården, and Djurgår'n, Dif or DIF, is the association football department of Djurgårdens IF and is based at Tele2 Arena in the Johanneshov district of Stockholm.



Grand'Anse is one of the ten departments of Haiti. Its capital is Jérémie.

León Department


León is a department in Nicaragua. It covers an area of 5,107 km² and has a population of 389,600. The capital is the city of León.

Retalhuleu Department


Retalhuleu is a department located in the south-west of Guatemala, extending from the mountains to the Pacific Ocean coast. It has an area of 1856 km². In 2002 the population of the Department of Retalhuleu was 241,411. The capital is the city of Retalhuleu. The largest Native American group in the state is the K'iche' Maya people. The department contains a number of Pre-Columbian ruins, including Takalik Abaj and San Juan Noj.

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Rhymes for department:

  1. compartment, apartment, dep;

Translations for department:

Arabic word for Department


Chinese words for Department

部, 处, 科系, 科室.

Dutch word for Department


French words for Department

domaine, section, organisme, district, ministère, département.

German words for Department

Amt, Service, Stelle, Gebiet, Sektion, Abteilung, Referat, Division, Fachbereich, Fakultät, Ressort, Direktion, Seminar, Unternehmensbereich, Departement, Institut, Ministerium, Dienststelle, Dezernat, Zweig, Resort, Rayon.

Greek word for Department


Hindi word for Department


Japanese words for Department

デパート, デパートメント, 省.

Javanese word for Department


Korean word for Department


Malay word for Department


Norwegian word for Department


Polish words for Department

wydział, departament, instytut, katedra.

Russian words for Department

департамент, факультет, ведомство, кафедра.

Spanish words for Department

reparto, servicio, departamento, cuerpo, oficina, ministerio.

Swedish word for Department


Tamil word for Department


Ukrainian word for Department