How To Spell Derry?

Correct spelling: Derry


oak grove
Derry as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Derry), is pronounced DARE-ee. It is of Irish origin, and the meaning of Derry is "oak grove".
  • Derrie.

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What are the usage examples for Derry?

  1. The population of Antrim, Armagh, Derry and Down was steadily declining under a system which the inhabitants declared essential to their continued existence. – The Evolution of Sinn Fein by Robert Mitchell Henry
  2. The principal export of potatoes was from Antrim, Down, Derry and Tyrone, counties in which Sinn Fein had very little prospect either of getting the requisite information from the farmers or of inducing them to forego their profits. – The Evolution of Sinn Fein by Robert Mitchell Henry

What are the quotes for Derry?

  1. I grew up in Derry, of course, and it was- Derry was the worst example of Northern Ireland's discrimination.

What are the rhymes for Derry?

  1. perry, bury, gerri, terrie, metairie, remarry, sperry, karry, jerrie, mary, terry, stary, jerri, glengarry, kerri, hairy, chery, jeri, sherri, barre, carie, carrey, marry, carrie, clary, vary, very, gary, kari, lary, querry, merry, larry, kerrey, cheri, nary, eyrie, terri, kerry, cary, valeri, jerry, sherry, contrary, kary, ferry, gery, gerrie, gerry, harry, parry, cherry, wary, neri, wherry, scary, merrie, carey, sheri, unwary, fairy, teri, dairy, tarry, prairie, ranieri, skerry, guarneri, jere, sherrie;
  2. berry, ary, airy, berrie, berri, arie;
  3. canary, azeri;

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