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How To Spell desire?

Correct spelling: desire

What are the misspellings for desire ?

  • desipher,
  • adersary,
  • deasr,
  • derierre,
  • debre,
  • desider,
  • deside,
  • mesure,
  • descern,
  • desred,
  • desirerd,
  • deseres,
  • dezire,
  • diseray,
  • desirees,
  • delere,
  • desine,
  • desirve,
  • desret,
  • resure,
  • dirsires,
  • desireto,
  • desirs,
  • descibe,
  • dissoray,
  • detore,
  • desern,
  • nessairy,
  • desieas,
  • cesure,
  • disiare,
  • dosile,
  • disbure,
  • discize,
  • disaree,
  • dersrve,
  • desagree,
  • disere,
  • drearie,
  • tenire,
  • desiare,
  • derrire,
  • derier,
  • desiny,
  • divesre,
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  • destruy,
  • besure,
  • desir,
  • decive,
  • desurv,
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  • descive,
  • deserce,
  • disigree,
  • teasure,
  • desoite,
  • defore,
  • desricbe,
  • descize,
  • decisio,
  • dsire,
  • dispie,
  • deisize,
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  • desierve,
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  • descrie,
  • discive,
  • disipher,
  • esure,
  • dvere,
  • dsired,
  • desseret,
  • deise,
  • diseire,
  • desiese,
  • deires,
  • deasler,
  • dischare.

What is the definition of desire?

  1. An affection of the mind, directed to the obtaining or enjoying of an object; a prayer or request to obtain; the object of desire; love or lust.

What does the abbreviation desire mean?


much desired
Desire as a girl's name is a variant of Desiree (French), and the meaning of Desire is "much desired".
  • Desiri,
  • Desirae.

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What are the quotes for desire?

  1. O, once in each man's life, at least, Good luck knocks at his door; And wit to seize the flitting guest Need never hunger more. But while the loitering idler waits Good luck beside his fire, The bold heart storms at fortune's gates, And conquers its desire.
  2. There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.
  3. It sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents.
  4. If thou desire the love of God and man, be humble, for the proud heart, as it loves none but itself, is beloved of none but itself. Humility enforces where neither virtue, nor strength, nor reason can prevail.
  5. Do not ever say that the desire to "do good" by force is a good motive. Neither power -lust nor stupidity are good motives.

What are the translations for desire?

Arabic word for Desire


Bengali word for Desire


Dutch words for Desire

zin, streven, wensen, wil, wens, behoefte, begeerte, begeren, naar hunkeren.

French words for Desire

vouloir, souhaiter, souhait, envie, soif, ambition.

German words for Desire

Wunsch, verlangen, begehren, Interesse, Bestreben, wollen, Lust, Sehnsucht, Begierde, wünschen, Drang, Leidenschaft, Begehrlichkeit, Trieb, Begehr, Gelüst, Begier, Gelüste, sich wünschen, möchten, haben wollen, sich nach sehnen, ersehnen, Willen.

Greek word for Desire


Hindi word for Desire


Italian word for Desire


Japanese words for Desire

欲望, 欲求, 望む, 願望, 望み, 所望, 欲, 願う, 志望, 渇愛, ねがう, しぼう, 懐う, ねん, のぞむ, よくぼう, 庶幾, よっきゅう, がんもう, 憶う, 惟う, 慾, 欲す, しょがん, しょき, 慾望, 念う, 志願, いよく, 意慾, しょもう, 念い, ウィル, したがる, 所願, ようきゅう, よくねん.

Javanese word for Desire


Korean word for Desire


Malay word for Desire


Marathi word for Desire


Norwegian word for Desire


Polish words for Desire

pragnienie, chęć.

Portuguese words for Desire

intuito, desejar, vontade, busca, desejo, ânsia, anseio.

Romanian word for Desire


Russian words for Desire

желание, стремление, мечта, жажда.

Spanish words for Desire

querer, voluntad, deseo, desear, anhelo, ganas, avidez.

Swedish word for Desire


Turkish word for Desire

arzu etmek.

Ukrainian word for Desire


Vietnamese word for Desire

sự mong muốn.