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How To Spell despair?

Correct spelling: despair

Definition of despair:

  1. abandon hope; give up hope; lose heart; "Don't despair--help is on the way!"

List of misspellings for despair:

  • despart,
  • despeart,
  • despiter,
  • dislpay,
  • disoper,
  • despiite,
  • dyspasia,
  • disapper,
  • dessipator,
  • desir,
  • dissepear,
  • dissppear,
  • diseaper,
  • desipher,
  • dispar,
  • despher,
  • disaper,
  • depair,
  • despoke,
  • desplay,
  • despacth,
  • diasappear,
  • desaper,
  • newsapaer,
  • dissapeaer,
  • torepair,
  • disapire,
  • dissapeer,
  • dissapier,
  • dispire,
  • demspey,
  • despoit,
  • dispie,
  • disepare,
  • desparte,
  • distopia,
  • disappeir,
  • despie,
  • desypher,
  • desphier,
  • disapera,
  • disappar,
  • desapeare,
  • dispair,
  • dissappear,
  • desapare,
  • desptie,
  • despari,
  • diasapear,
  • diazapam,
  • desper,
  • despear,
  • despirte,
  • disapeer,
  • deespatch,
  • desrepair,
  • disseapear,
  • desappear,
  • disap,
  • teaspoom,
  • despora,
  • desapire,
  • despire,
  • newsppaer,
  • disspear,
  • dissapera,
  • disspar,
  • dissapper,
  • desapere,
  • buspar,
  • disipear,
  • diazapem,
  • disapier,
  • diasppear,
  • dspair,
  • spair,
  • disapear,
  • desapear,
  • dispath,
  • dissapear,
  • despare,
  • desepire,
  • newsaper,
  • depaoo,
  • dissipear,
  • depsair,
  • despir,
  • despatch,
  • dosepak,
  • despach,
  • newspaer,
  • dissrepair,
  • disaperd,
  • dispare,
  • dessapear,
  • disppear,
  • dessart,
  • dissapeir,
  • despaire,
  • disper.

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Dragons of Despair


Novel by Tracy Hickman

Dragons of Despair is the first in a series of 16 Dragonlance adventures published by TSR, Inc. between 1984 and 1988. It is the start of the first major story arc in the Dragonlance series of Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game modules, a series of ready-to-play adventures for use by Dungeon Masters in the game.

Our Grand Despair


2011 film

Our Grand Despair is a 2011 Turkish drama film, directed by Seyfi Teoman, about two flatmates who reluctantly take in their friend's traumatised sister. The film premiered in competition at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

Passion Despair


2011 film

Passion Despair is a documentary film by Swiss filmmaker Steff Gruber. Gruber started shooting in 2005. The film premiered at the Gdansk Dokfilm Festival 2011.

The Day of Despair


1992 film

Day of Despair is a 1992 Portuguese drama film based on the life of Portuguese writer Camilo Castelo Branco. It was directed by Manoel de Oliveira.

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair


Book by Pablo Neruda

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair is a collection of romantic poems by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, first published in 1924 by Editorial Nascimento of Santiago, when Neruda was 19.

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Rhymes for despair:

  1. share, fare, bahr, mair, lair, baer, eyre, herr, hair, hare, bear, serr, faire, sayre, bair, kehr, there, rare, sare, maire, glare, ferre, mare, flare, square, nair, their, claire, blair, pear, gehr, skare, lehr, ne'er, fair, mer, pair, air, swear, terre, khmer, fer, stair, care, prayer, heir, darr, dare, stare, cher, where, blare, chair, werre, err, spare, guerre, bare, they're, hehr, lare, derr, pare, snare, wear, clare, ware, clair, gare, gair, tear, flair, scare;
  2. moliere, astaire, aware, repair, ensnare, impair, abair, pierre, unfair, affair, dispair, declare, voltaire, alair, prepare, midair, swissair, forswear, sinclair, allaire, compare, adaire, montclair, belair, beware, mcnair, o'hare, adair, comair;
  3. debonair, doctrinaire, javier, millionaire, disrepair, icelandair, solitaire, usair, aer, billionaire, questionnaire, unaware;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

Translations for despair:

Afrikaans word for Despair


Arabic word for Despair


Bengali word for Despair


Chinese words for Despair

失望, 泄气, 怅, 嗒.

French words for Despair

désespoir, désespérer, impuissance, désespérance, perdre espoir.

German words for Despair

Verzweiflung, Hoffnungslosigkeit, verzweifeln, Verzagen, Trostlosigkeit, Mutlosigkeit.

Greek word for Despair


Italian word for Despair


Japanese words for Despair

絶望, 自暴自棄, やけ, 自暴, じぼう, やけっ腹, 焼け腹, 焼け, 自棄っ腹, 焼腹, 焼っ腹, ぜつぼう, やけばら, 自棄腹, やけっぱら, 自棄, じぼうじき.

Javanese word for Despair


Korean word for Despair


Marathi word for Despair


Norwegian word for Despair


Polish word for Despair


Portuguese words for Despair

desespero, desesperar, desesperança, perder a esperança, afligir-se.

Romanian word for Despair


Russian words for Despair

безысходность, безнадёжность.

Spanish words for Despair

desesperación, desolación, desánimo, desesperarse, desaliento, desesperanza, abatimiento, exasperación.

Swedish word for Despair


Tamil word for Despair


Turkish word for Despair


Ukrainian word for Despair


Vietnamese word for Despair

sự tuyệt vọng.