How To Spell despair?

Correct spelling: despair

What is the definition of despair?

  1. abandon hope; give up hope; lose heart; "Don't despair--help is on the way!"

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What are the rhymes for despair?

  1. share, fare, bahr, mair, lair, baer, eyre, herr, hair, hare, bear, serr, faire, sayre, bair, kehr, there, rare, sare, maire, glare, ferre, mare, flare, square, nair, their, claire, blair, pear, gehr, skare, lehr, ne'er, fair, mer, pair, air, swear, terre, khmer, fer, stair, care, prayer, heir, darr, dare, stare, cher, where, blare, chair, werre, err, spare, guerre, bare, they're, hehr, lare, derr, pare, snare, wear, clare, ware, clair, gare, gair, tear, flair, scare;
  2. moliere, astaire, aware, repair, ensnare, impair, abair, pierre, unfair, affair, dispair, declare, voltaire, alair, prepare, midair, swissair, forswear, sinclair, allaire, compare, adaire, montclair, belair, beware, mcnair, o'hare, adair, comair;
  3. debonair, doctrinaire, javier, millionaire, disrepair, icelandair, solitaire, usair, aer, billionaire, questionnaire, unaware;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

What are the translations for despair?

Afrikaans word for Despair


Arabic word for Despair


Bengali word for Despair


Chinese words for Despair

失望, 泄气, 怅, 嗒.

French words for Despair

désespoir, désespérer, impuissance, désespérance, perdre espoir.

German words for Despair

Verzweiflung, Hoffnungslosigkeit, verzweifeln, Verzagen, Trostlosigkeit, Mutlosigkeit.

Greek word for Despair


Italian word for Despair


Japanese words for Despair

絶望, 自暴自棄, やけ, 自暴, じぼう, やけっ腹, 焼け腹, 焼け, 自棄っ腹, 焼腹, 焼っ腹, ぜつぼう, やけばら, 自棄腹, やけっぱら, 自棄, じぼうじき.

Javanese word for Despair


Korean word for Despair


Marathi word for Despair


Norwegian word for Despair


Polish word for Despair


Portuguese words for Despair

desespero, desesperar, desesperança, perder a esperança, afligir-se.

Romanian word for Despair


Russian words for Despair

безысходность, безнадёжность.

Spanish words for Despair

desesperación, desolación, desánimo, desesperarse, desaliento, desesperanza, abatimiento, exasperación.

Swedish word for Despair


Tamil word for Despair


Turkish word for Despair


Ukrainian word for Despair


Vietnamese word for Despair

sự tuyệt vọng.