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Spell Check of despise

Correct spelling: despise

Definition of despise:

  1. To look down upon; to disdain; to scorn.

Common misspellings for despise:

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Quotes for despise:

  1. You have discovered so much kindness and good will to those you thought were oppressed, and had no helper, that I am sure you will not despise what I have wrote, if you judge it will be of any service to them.
  2. The dupe of friendship, and the fool of love; have I not reason to hate and to despise myself? Indeed I do; and chiefly for not having hated and despised the world enough.
  3. What do you despise? By this are you truly known.
  4. Can't really despise people you don't know.
  5. I think the motion picture industry is a stupid business and I despise acting the scenes in short snatches, one at a time. I hate this film work. I am disgusted with myself. On the stage I could never play a part unless I felt it with all my heart and soul.

Rhymes for despise:

  1. dies, implies, emprise, bies, size, prize, chastise, spies, highs, wise, wies, ise, buys, revise, tries, kise, rise, unwise, guys, mies, plies, unties, ries, demise, crise, dyes, defies, thais, eis, sighs, thighs, guise, julies, goodbyes, bise, marseilles, vies, pies, eyes, upsize, y's, flies, ties, denies, ais, supplies, skies, pries, lies, dries, lise, geis, complies, cries, incise, ayes, shies, grise, pint-size, comprise, surprise, replies, hise, fries, dise, nies, disguise, relies, wyse, decries, surmise;
  2. arise, belies, advise, applies, allies, reprise, baptize, devise, apprise;
  3. improvise, underlies, oversize;
  4. sensationalize, decriminalize;