How To Spell details?

Correct spelling: details

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What are the translations for details?

Dutch words for Details

gegevens, specificaties.

French words for Details

informations, renseignements, détails, indications, détachements.

German words for Details

Informationen, Angaben, Daten, Einzelheiten, Details, Teile, Ausschnitte, Genaueres, genauere Anweisungen.

Japanese words for Details

細部, 明細, 細目, 顛末, 委細, さいもく, てんまつ, しょわけ, さいぶ, 諸訳, 顚末, いさい.

Polish words for Details

dane, szczegóły, informacje, objaśnienia, drobiazgi, detale.

Portuguese word for Details


Russian words for Details

детали, подробности, реквизиты, тонкости, нюансы, координаты.

Spanish words for Details

datos, detalles, particularidades, modalidades, informaciones, pormenores, destacamentos, menudencias.