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How To Spell determination?

Correct spelling: determination

List of misspellings for determination:

  • determiation,
  • determenation,
  • determinging,
  • detirmination,
  • determitation,
  • documination,
  • determindation,
  • termantion,
  • determantaion,
  • determineation,
  • determinning,
  • detamination,
  • detarmantion,
  • dermination,
  • veterinatian,
  • termanation,
  • detemination,
  • deteroriation,
  • determinaition,
  • determintaion,
  • doctrination,
  • distrimination,
  • determonation,
  • terrmination,
  • determinatiion,
  • dtermination,
  • discimmination,
  • determiniation,
  • deteriration,
  • determential,
  • decemination,
  • determinaiton,
  • determinating,
  • determanation,
  • descimination,
  • deteritation,
  • dessimination,
  • determinatoin,
  • determineing,
  • detetention,
  • redeterimination,
  • deteermintion,
  • determiantion,
  • dertimanition,
  • deternination,
  • discirmination,
  • termoination,
  • determinaion,
  • determinatin,
  • deturmination,
  • dteremination,
  • terminiation,
  • deteriantion,
  • deterimination,
  • determanion,
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  • discemination,
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  • tremination,
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  • determantation,
  • terimination,
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  • determation,
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  • detrimination,
  • redertimination,
  • determinin,
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  • determinaton,
  • determintation,
  • termnation,
  • termintion,
  • detremination,
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  • determantion,
  • determinataion,
  • dertermination,
  • detemanation,
  • desemination,
  • determoination,
  • detrmination,
  • deteriotation.

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Hunt's Determination

Musical group

In the Wake of Determination


Studio album by Story Of The Year

In the Wake of Determination is the second studio album by American rock band Story of the Year. The album is much heavier sounding than their debut album Page Avenue.

Ryu's Determination

The Right of Nations to Self-Determination


Book by Vladimir Lenin

The Right of Nations to Self-Determination is a book by Lenin written in February–May 1914. It dealt with the national question in relation to countries such as Norway and Poland.

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Quotes for determination:

  1. Continuous, unflagging effort, persistence and determination will win. Let not the man be discouraged who has these.
  2. If people ask me for the ingredients of success, I say one is talent, two is stubbornness or determination, and third is sheer luck. You have to have two out of the three. Any two will probably do.
  3. At the core of life is a hard purposefulness, a determination to live.
  4. Don't tell me what you believe in. I'll observe how you behave and I will make my own determination.
  5. Determination, energy, and courage appear spontaneously when we care deeply about something. We take risks that are unimaginable in any other context.

Rhymes for determination:

  1. confrontation, desiccation, celebration, automation, augmentation, notation, habitation, corporation, concentration, fascination, reinvigoration, miscommunication, immigration, inclination, interrogation, complication, appropriation, ovation, disintegration, decontamination, perspiration, incorporation, nucleation, assassination, prostration, irradiation, concatenation, crustacean, recalculation, exfoliation, dissemination, democratization, reiteration, invalidation, devaluation, estimation, salvation, origination, deviation, convocation, intensification, manipulation, jubilation, hesitation, exacerbation, incrustation, certification, moderation, depopulation, maximization, altercation, localization, implementation, premeditation, annotation, proclamation, deregulation, fibrillation, palpitation, degeneration, amalgamation, magnetization, miscreation, conjugation, dehumanization, dilation, sanitation, relation, optimization, profanation, exaggeration, optation, vocation, insulation, depreciation, aspiration, miseration, reunification, facilitation, evocation, argumentation, mitigation, saturation, nationalization, gastrulation, operation, disqualification, emancipation, coronation, amplification, nonproliferation, equitation, explication, procreation, levitation, delineation, horatian, temptation, appellation, affirmation, expropriation, enumeration, computerization, situation, filtration, machination, instigation, infatuation, deforestation, amputation, hospitalization, balkanization, affiliation, laceration, trepidation, exasperation, defamation, relaxation, illustration, limitation, sedation, reexamination, consecration, decapitation, masturbation, fluctuation, demonstration, renegotiation, annihilation, predestination, recuperation, indication, instrumentation, organisation, reformation, inhabitation, suburbanization, reverberation, deliberation, remuneration, denunciation, termination, illumination, recreation, consolidation, exoneration, precipitation, stimulation, segmentation, hybridization, reforestation, sedimentation, commendation, summation, imagination, libration, oscillation, cooperation, articulation, reclassification, separation, socialization, explanation, contemplation, cogitation, excitation, evaluation, coordination, connotation, navigation, quotation, depravation, segregation, immunization, insubordination, vibration, implantation, reputation, ionization, fumigation, rehydration, sterilization, calibration, domestication, lubrication, regulation, innovation, westernization, nondiscrimination, consolation, incarceration, mutation, vegetation, pasteurization, installation, impersonation, popularization, imitation, exploration, politicization, extrapolation, translation, dispensation, transportation, inoculation, alienation, electrification, maturation, exhortation, appreciation, narration, fertilization, pagination, deformation, miscalculation, hydration, confirmation, codification, industrialization, transformation, elimination, reincarnation, population, education, destination, implication, discrimination, evacuation, modernization, consideration, imputation, magnification, aviation, duration, medication, manifestation, characterization, desalinization, eradication, christianization, exhumation, variation, restoration, ostentation, infiltration, exploitation, corp, inspiration, motivation, disinflation, disembarkation, glorification, realization, configuration, agitation, culmination, punctuation, protestation, organization, dramatization, refrigeration, colonization, ministration, refutation, reevaluation, indexation, frustration, propagation, desalination, reinterpretation, fragmentation, perforation, constellation, pronunciation, molestation, hibernation, justification, sequestration, representation, toleration, incubation, indentation, stipulation, dilatation, indoctrination, plantation, bifurcation, desegregation, exclamation, designation, commemoration, solicitation, stagflation, federation, generation, exhalation, unionization, insinuation, visualization, application, backwardation, alteration, declaration, reorganization, emulation, donation, dedication, irrigation, registration, usurpation, elevation, inhalation, gratification, reparation, isolation, collectivization, allocation, fabrication, misidentification, inflammation, rectification, inactivation, incapacitation, invitation, reservation, integration, investigation, authorization, agglomeration, gentrification, approximation, pontification, embarkation, repatriation, renunciation, gradation, transplantation, edification, intonation, inflation, dalmatian, classification, relocation, deflation, disinclination, telecommunication, remediation, detoxification, legalization, demoralization, figuration, intoxication, falsification, conservation, allegation, expectation, intimidation, globalization, sensation, reaffirmation, capitulation, recommendation, meditation, triangulation, negation, fluoridation, titillation, conciliation, humiliation, stalinization, probation, rejuvenation, computation, constipation, glaciation, misinformation, incrimination, recertification, purification, formulation, orchestration, flotation, denomination, pigmentation, nomination, adoration, dehydration, ornamentation, graduation, granulation, pollination, assimilation, demodulation, consummation, experimentation, specialization, adulation, gravitation, devastation, reauthorization, germination, coloration, vilification, detonation, domination, reallocation, creation, respiration, prefabrication, preservation, divination, permutation, affrication, perpetuation, compilation, reflation, clarification, russification, decertification, reconsideration, ovulation, disputation, condemnation, ligation, pressurization, simulation, notification, modulation, fortification, mineralization, accumulation, foundation, hyperinflation, strangulation, mummification, desperation, cohabitation, importation, foliation, redecoration, disorientation, rotation, modification, occupation, speculation, ordination, retaliation, subluxation, sarmatian, lactation, conglomeration, advocation, rededication, incantation, echolocation, diversification, deportation, communication, recitation, confabulation, regeneration, authentication, congratulation, excommunication, elaboration, contamination, gasification, litigation, recrimination, croatian, equalization, incarnation, reclamation, ventilation, dissertation, prognostication, preparation, urbanization, recantation, adaptation, demonization, obfuscation, dictation, normalization, corroboration, ossification, coagulation, degradation, mutilation, privatisation, harmonization, confiscation, compensation, quantification, civilization, participation, naturalization, polarization, valuation, indemnification, avocation, arbitration, excavation, overvaluation, privation, nullification, substantiation, simplification, starvation, improvisation, association, fermentation, sanctification, sophistication, condensation, correlation, publication, annexation, menstruation, hydrogenation, vindication, animation, exhilaration, malformation, cremation, rumination, distillation, insemination, monopolization, reconfirmation, rationalization, deprivation, approbation, observation, tribulation, dissipation, self-congratulation, proration, obligation, resuscitation, communization, personification, escalation, aggravation, cancellation, mechanization, radiation, dissociation, legislation, centralization, differentiation, multiplication, replication, liberalization, miniaturization, discoloration, neutralization, affectation, emigration, undervaluation, taxation, combination, elation, subordination, consultation, oxidation, formation, revaluation, invocation, subsidization, flirtation, damnation, infestation, calculation, disinformation, congregation, documentation, standardization, denationalization, expatriation, stabilization, rehabilitation, reconciliation, utilization, elongation, incoordination, deceleration, gyration, hallucination, consternation, inauguration, retardation, presentation, pacification, commercialization, nitration, stagnation, vaporization, confederation, categorization, alleviation, cultivation, renomination, vaccination, syndication, revocation, revitalization, disorganization, vacillation, location, repudiation, procrastination, decoration, examination, desolation, delegation, irritation, ramification, perturbation, misappropriation, admiration, suffocation, information, desecration, marginalization, equivocation, visitation, oration, demobilization, generalization, conflagration, dislocation, amortization, proliferation, regimentation, provocation, destabilization, liquidation, validation, initiation, amelioration, privatization, criminalization, misrepresentation, intimation, orientation, depredation, reaffiliation, inundation, continuation, specification, appalachian, tabulation, misinterpretation, mediation, vacation, unification, personalization, derivation, anticipation, adjudication, violation, liberation, negotiation, extermination, mobilization, expiration, conversation, ejaculation, migration, revelation, preoccupation, demarcation, fixation, decentralization, interpretation, securitization, impregnation, vulgarization, indignation, transillumination, discontinuation, reconfiguration, duplication, ratification, emanation, misapplication, resignation, gestation, victimization, saponification, verification, renovation, overpopulation, deification, identification, collaboration, qualification, evaporation;
  2. nation, station, ration, haitian;
  3. castration, alsatian, cessation, citation, cetacean, carnation, causation;
  4. aberration, acclimation, abrogation, abdication, activation, accusation;
  5. abomination, accommodation, abbreviation, accreditation, acceleration;
  6. alphabetization, cannibalization, capitalization, acidification;
  7. decriminalization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization, americanization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for determination:

Bengali word for Determination


Chinese words for Determination

裁定, 判定, 意志, 核定, 检定.

Dutch words for Determination

voornemen, vaststelling, bepaling, beslissing, vastberadenheid, vastbeslotenheid, doorzettingsvermogen.

French words for Determination

persévérance, ténacité, calcul, obstination.

German words for Determination

bestimmen, Bestimmung, Festlegung, ermitteln, Feststellung, Festsetzung, Entschluss, Beschluss, Entschlossenheit, Ermittlung, Unterscheidung, Entschiedenheit, Entschlusskraft, Zielstrebigkeit, Bestimmtheit, Courage.

Greek word for Determination


Hindi word for Determination

दृढ़ संकल्प.

Italian words for Determination

determinare, determinazione.

Japanese words for Determination

決意, 決断, こだわり, 志気, 不退, 踏み切り, 拘り, 踏ん切り, 踏切, 踏切り, 不退転, ふたいてん.

Javanese word for Determination


Korean word for Determination


Malay word for Determination


Norwegian word for Determination


Polish words for Determination

zdecydowanie, ustalenie, determinacja, wyznaczenie, stwierdzenie, określanie, oznaczanie.

Russian word for Determination


Spanish words for Determination

voluntad, certeza, firmeza, perseverancia, tenacidad.

Swedish word for Determination


Tamil word for Determination


Turkish word for Determination