How To Spell detrimental?

Correct spelling: detrimental

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What is the definition of detrimental?

  1. Causing detriment; injurious; hurtful.

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What are the usage examples for detrimental?

  1. During the past decade 2, 000, 000 Italians have come to us and, according to estimates, about two- thirds of them have settled in the cities of the Northern States, a condition detrimental to the foreign and our social organization alike. – History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6) by E. Benjamin Andrews

What are the translations for detrimental?

Arabic word for Detrimental


Bengali word for Detrimental


Dutch word for Detrimental


French words for Detrimental

contraire, préjudiciable, néfaste, mauvais, nocif, nuisible, dommageables, délétère, attentatoire, pernicieux, pénalisant.

German words for Detrimental

negativ, nachteilig, schädlich, abträglich, schlecht, belastend, beeinträchtigend, unzuträglich, hinderlich, schädigend, kontraproduktiv, verheerend, gefährdend, zuwiderlaufend.

Greek word for Detrimental


Italian word for Detrimental


Javanese word for Detrimental


Malay word for Detrimental


Marathi word for Detrimental


Norwegian word for Detrimental


Polish words for Detrimental

niekorzystny, szkodliwy, negatywny, niszczący, krzywdzący, szkodliwe.

Portuguese words for Detrimental

prejudicial, perverso, prejudiciais, desfavorável, danoso, negativas, inadequado, lesivos, deletérias, nefastos, lesivas, contrária, contrários, contrárias, lesiva, desvantajoso.

Russian words for Detrimental

пагубный, невыгодный, вредно.

Spanish words for Detrimental

perjudicial, perjudiciales, nocivo, peligroso, nefasto, adverso, negativo, pernicioso, lesivo, desfavorable, contraproducente.

Swedish word for Detrimental


Tamil word for Detrimental


Ukrainian word for Detrimental


Vietnamese word for Detrimental