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How To Spell devotee?

Correct spelling: devotee

List of misspellings for devotee:

  • devate,
  • devoper,
  • devaite,
  • deveate,
  • devotoed,
  • devoice,
  • devited,
  • dovoted,
  • devoated,
  • devktee,
  • deloite,
  • devtoed,
  • devorse,
  • devope,
  • deverve,
  • devoute,
  • devofee,
  • deliotte,
  • devode,
  • davghter,
  • drvotee,
  • devorced,
  • d4votee,
  • doroteo,
  • deverter,
  • devouerd,
  • devat,
  • devot,
  • deveole,
  • deovted,
  • revote,
  • devoide,
  • destoey,
  • desoite,
  • dev0tee,
  • devorve,
  • devotte,
  • d3votee,
  • divoree,
  • deveoped,
  • ddvotee,
  • decotee,
  • devltee,
  • devouted,
  • debotee,
  • dev9tee,
  • devone,
  • devonte,
  • deveoper,
  • devowt,
  • eevotee,
  • cevotee,
  • davote,
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  • xevotee,
  • devower,
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  • devoteing,
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  • dwvotee,
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  • deveope,
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  • defete,
  • divote,
  • devated,
  • devorer,
  • deveoted,
  • devptee.

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The Vishnu nicolo seal is a famous seal from the Indian subcontinent, dated to the 4th-6th century CE. It is now located in the British Museum. The seal depicts the four-armed god Vishnu, being prayed by a devotee. Vishnu holds his classical attributes: the gada club, the chakra discus, the wheel and the lotus. The seal was first reported by Alexander Cunningham in The Numismatic Chonicle of 1893. Cunningham, saw in the devotee the Kushan ruler Huvishka, based on the similarity of the headdress.

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Quotes for devotee:

  1. For a devotee or lover, the being, worshipped or loved, will always be the only one for her or him.
  2. I was a new devotee of Eastern mysticism and even though I did not join that particular group, I could well have done. They seemed a bit extreme but I regarded myself as not quite ready.

Rhymes for devotee:

  1. nic, tse, we, ot, trainee, sci, cyb, oad, internee, cc, sea, ged, mc, free, lee, ghee, guarani, mcgee, vi, she, ravi, bourgeoisie, lxi, jessee, tree, honoree, oversea, nabil, ddt, marquee, ib, wee, cac, see, repartee, gutsy, ki, fsi, flee, sri, bibi, mt, valoree, cd, id, the, pree, ze, ab, kea, enrollee, v, banshee, ofc, smee, ne, appointee, mpg, undersea, magee, brea, yangtze, sep, marquis, nghi, njt, t, jaycee, yie, lea, bea, sie, whoopee, tee, enlistee, tennessee, trustee, syp, dupree, designee, pattee, ji, mit, markee, mi, referee, ranee, mee, z, me, draftee, ve, louie, sightsee, gee, p, pawnee, jubilee, eap, d, bbc, tenn, lessee, ti, rea, nee, guarantee, quay, chablis, ski, dundee, cod, be, escapee, cree, yippee, zea, spree, plea, fee, key, bree, vee, rupee, lavie, mea, de, sze, leigh, yee, ee, se, jee, hee, vendee, jie, andree, odp, shri, blea, ip, indri, ree, flea, goatee, tv, tea, brie, pea, thierry, ye, rb, emcee, fop, xie, decree, qui, li, bee, thee, mme, henri, detainee, dee, b, chee, crea, licensee, loree, bt, marie, musee, nestle, disagree, debris, cat-3, chea, pri, three, curie, c3, apc, nie, je, g, retiree, zee, dsv, lp, xi, rosalee, cie, nominee, klee, sheree, parolee, atp, knee, franchisee, fi, kyi, slee, waikiki, quai, khe, c, esprit, si, m3, guaranty, rosemarie, snee, mcghee, cxc, foresee, he, potpourri, dea, deportee, yi, capri, kee, te, degree, tyree, inductee, resignee, gyi, bui, thi, re, shi, lsd, prix, conferee, spie, qi, glee;
  2. adee, agree, alee, achee, albee, ac, abee;
  3. abt, addressee, amputee, amc, adoptee, absentee, adoree;
  4. lapd, irit, hnat, interviewee, geac, knbc;
  5. awb;

Translations for devotee:

Afrikaans word for Devotee


Arabic word for Devotee


Chinese word for Devotee


French word for Devotee


German words for Devotee

Liebhaber, Adept.

Italian word for Devotee


Javanese word for Devotee


Korean word for Devotee

열성적인 애호가.

Malay word for Devotee


Norwegian word for Devotee


Polish word for Devotee


Spanish words for Devotee

entusiasta, devoto.

Tamil word for Devotee


Turkish word for Devotee


Vietnamese word for Devotee

hâm mộ.