How To Spell devotion?

Correct spelling: devotion

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What are the usage examples for devotion?

  1. He put an arm on the sagamore's shoulder, and lamented the extreme devotion of his daughter.

What are the rhymes for devotion?

  1. ocean, motion, lotion, notion, goshen, potion;
  2. commotion, laotian, promotion, emotion, demotion;
  3. locomotion;

What are the translations for devotion?

Afrikaans word for Devotion


Arabic word for Devotion


Chinese word for Devotion


French words for Devotion

soumission, dévouement, dévotion, ardeur, attachement, ferveur, piété, récollection.

German words for Devotion

Hingabe, Zuwendung, Zuneigung, Treue, Aufopferung, Ergebenheit, Andacht, Hingebung.

Italian word for Devotion


Japanese words for Devotion

献身, 真心, 信心, 帰依, 熱愛, まこころ, しんじん, 傾注, 篤信, とくしん, 忠信, けいちゅう, きえ, ねつあい, けんしん, 献身的愛情.

Javanese word for Devotion


Korean word for Devotion

헌신적인 애정.

Norwegian word for Devotion


Portuguese word for Devotion


Romanian word for Devotion


Russian words for Devotion

самоотверженность, самоотдача, набожность, беззаветная любовь, посвящение себя, сильная привязанность, преданное служение.

Swedish word for Devotion


Turkish word for Devotion