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Correct spelling: Di


Definition of Di:

  1. A prefix signifying double or two.
  2. The Latin prefix dis.

Di \di\

Di as a girl's name is a variant of Diana (Latin), and the meaning of Di is "divine".
Doe, Dai, To, Day, Dea, Da-, Dee, De-.

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Examples of usage for Di:

  1. But in the following summer of the year 1787, shortly after he had returned to Colmar with the Countess, and had welcomed as a guest Tommaso di Caluso, his greatest friend since Gori's death, he suddenly broke down under a terrific attack of dysentery. "The Countess of Albany" , Violet Paget (AKA Vernon Lee).
  2. The first requisite for the aspirant who wishes to follow the operatic career is undoubtedly a voice possessed of the three essential factors of Quality, Power and Compass; what is termed in Italy a " voce di teatro," or voice for the theatre. "Style in Singing" , W. E. Haslam.
  3. But the principle of such help is always that of an act performed for the public good, or, as it is officially termed, per ragioni di pubblica utilita, and it naturally takes the form of a monetary subsidy. "The Operatic Problem" , William Johnson Galloway.
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